21 degrees F

Good grief. The Lions will be playing at -6C [that's about 21F]. Any wind and that temp will go down even lower. Add some snow into the mix and wow. This should be interesting. Let's hope that neither team suffers serious injuries as a result of the cold. I imagine the players can't wait for this game to be over. It's difficult to hype yourself up when there is nothing on the line.

Lions first real cold weather game in a couple years. I'm just praying we come out of it injury-free. Lets see how this dome team responds to winter games. Calgary may have a slight upperhand in this one as they have to face more severe elements more often. I'm still 100% confident in BC to win this.

Hope you're right Caper. I'm sure they'll adapt. They did in the '94 Western Final where they won the game in what may have been far worse weather conditions.

Dave Richie called the perfect play for that to happen; Darren Flutie gave the Lions added character to the Grey Cup.
Across the goal line; outside fake/inside curl ............priceless

My all time CFL game backer@oldclarke. I could watch the last 6 minutes of that game a million times and never get tired of watching that come back!

Kevin Glenn will get the start tonight, don't how much game time Tate will get though. On that note; I would think Drew will get more game action tine at Commonwealth next week against the Eskimos. Tate will need it as the mighty Riders will be at McMahon for the Semi Final I say.