20th Sell Out ?

Ticketmaster is showing only 3 tickets left for Fridays nights preseason game with the Redblacks

Great news but preason doesn't count does it?

Of course it does. If the team can sell out a pre-season game, then they must be doing something right... :rockin:

That's just ridiculously successful sales. wow.

To have seen the 'drive for 95' to this? words fail me.

well, that is, any words other than OSKEE-WEE-WEE!!!

A pre-season sell out?
yet there are still plenty of seats for the Home Opener plus they have a Fathers Day special advertised get TWO tickets for the home opener or the second game for $79
I wonder how accurate that virtual venue on ticketmaster is. I wonder if the Ticats have a block of tickets that they hold back for specials, give aways and walk ups and don't show up on Ticketmaster.
Or are they doing these ticket specials because they are not selling as fast as they wanted.


Preseason or not, its going to be a party. That new Coors Bar on the East End is really cool. 1000x better than that temporary thing they had last year.

I'm pumped to get into that stadium packed with screaming fans again.

OSKEE WEE WEE! :rockin:

Can always count on slim to put a negativ spin on something

How was my post a negative spin? Nothing I said was negative, I think you are trying to read between the lines.

I'm just telling the facts that I bought the Fathers Day package today and plenty of seats left for the Home Opener.
I got two tickets for $79 !!! isn't that a positive? and I provided the link to the tickets.
Just curious -- have you bought tickets this year?

Should I have said "no tickets available" for the home opener? or a negative post would be "I don't think they will sell out"

They gave away a lot of tickets through All Access - I got them and I'm not even a season seat holder. Not everyone who gets these will necessarily show up. Last year's preseason against Ottawa was advertised as sold out and the stands were about 2/3 full.

It seems we have this discussion before most games. As I recall, the definition of " sellout" is a bit open-ended. Not necessarily a bum in every seat, but a high percentage of seats "sold". And "sold" is a bit variable as well? Some are "sold" to the club, sponsors, or visiting club for promotions or give aways?

In the end, what does it matter. We must be in pretty good shape if we have the time to worry over this one :smiley: . I'm old enough to remember when you could walk-up and buy a ticket to almost any section in Ivor Wynne, and your seat was designated by Magic Marker on two 2x6s. We have come a long, long way to the great atmosphere we have now, regardless of what we call it :thup:

TWO 2x6s??? Look at Mr. Fancypants over here... :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yeah, some of us were a bit wider on the beam :oops: !

the thread was about this preseason game. you went off and started talking about the home opener not being sold out