20th Century arcade games

Reminiscing about old fav games.


other than those, I mostly liked either driving or shooting games. The kind of shooting games where you actually held a rifle or pistol replica.

The only one I can remember is lethal enforcers.

Super Off Road
Pole Position


Wasn't Lethal Enforcers the very first "replica gun" game?

I seem to remember it causing uproar in the UK when it first came out as video games were unrated at that time, so the concern was any child could walk into a shop and buy it. I can't remember if it was that game or the first Grand Theft Auto that finally led to movie-style certificates on games.

For driving games:

Road Rash (?) (where you had a bunch of different track surfaces like dirt, instead of just purely tarmac racing)

Out Run

Hang On (not sure if you had this in N.A., it was a bike racing game and in the arcades you actually rode a replica bike to steer)

Also, everybody remembers the arcade Street Fighter 2 being 10x harder than the home console versions.

Was not much for playing arcade games.
But when I did always looked for Galaga.

Q bert, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man were some of my favs.

Centipede was a good one too with the roller control.

Donkey Kong is always a classic though I always sucked at the arcade version. Had it on Colecovision too.