2030 Commonwealth Games, anyone?

Now that we've put this stadium baby to bed (and, what a crank baby it was, eh?) we can go back to actually ENJOYING the upcoming Pan Am games not to mention our beloved Tiger-Cats. But, you know we should keep the momentum going and prepare a bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games. It will be the centennial games (started at Civic Stadium/IWS in 1930) and I suspect Hamilton would be the sentimental favourite. Plus, great opportunity to "finish" the new IWS with more federal/provincial money to build permanent endzone seating. Hmm, just thinking out loud here...

Mayor Bratina spoke today of the fact that Civic Stadium was not built for the British Empire Games as is the urban legend, but rather, as a qualifying facility for the Olympics a few years earlier.

We learn something new everyday eh ? 8)

Didn't know that, Deerhunter. That's one thing I really like about Bob Bratina. He's got a folksy, "Mr Hamilton" trivia persona about him that is appealing. Just think the Commonwealth Games in 2030 would be great here...especially if it meant MORE upgrades to the new IWS.

He sure is a wealth of information and knowledge. He'll make a good ambassador for Hamilton in his dealings with other municipalities and leaders.

I like his performance so far

Knock down the north side, and buy out the houses to the north between Beachwood to Barton st. :wink:

All kidding aside, that's one thing that bugs me about this IWS refit. the fact that the north side stays where it is. it;'s very tight to beachwood.

Ideally it would have been better to tear those down as well and centre the development using the additional at space at Brian Timmis. Re-orient the stadium in a north south configuration.

Now, what's the deal with Parkview school?

Now, what's the deal with Parkview school?
Something going to happen with it? Thought that the Board was keeping it in its Special ed./ESL configuaration. Isn't that what's it's mostly been recently.... or am I out of touch?

Not sure, but there was talk here about its closure.

The Commonwealth Games are much bigger than the Pan Am games and more countries, more sports and they attract more people and a large television audience.
I know that when Manchester hosted a couple of years ago they got some huge legacy facilities. We would have to build a new stadium to host the track events, and at least 25,000 seats. Maybe we should start debating now where it should go. How about Aldershot and a new home for the Ticats? :slight_smile:

Nice try mike, nice try my friend. :wink:

How about having a 2-tiered seating area in the East endzone?

Enjoy the Pan Am Games???????????????????????? What planet are you living on. I'm not watching any of it and I can walk to the stadium

My daughter in law's sister goes there and I can tell you that the students and staff are aware Parkview is slated for closure

That's what I heard when our band played there a few months ago. Sad really. There was a great article in the Spec about just what that school represents. It should stay or a smaller, new school built for the some 300 students who attend there, and work it into the stadium plans. Roof top seating and perhaps stadium style seats in the top windows of the school for game day. Change the name to Stadiumview High School.

Anyways, like deerhunter stated, we all learned something new about the history of Civic Stadium on Monday. Very cool bit of info and a great speach by our mayor in general. Perfect way to end this debate.

I would think regarding the commonwealth games, they might just be approaching us. Especially now that we have a refurbish about to happen. The British Empire Games would come full circle. Now that would be big for Hamilton and as another poster pointed out, perhaps be a catylist for further upgrades to Ivor Wynne.

It's a long away away, but something our city should seriously consider. I am sure they have all had enough of games planning for the shortterm though. :slight_smile:

That article I mentioned about Parkview. A touching and eye-opening read. The Ward 3 Residents Association has expressed their concerns regarding Parkview, and now today it was mentioned about Delta High School. Delta peeves me off because they have been putting money into restoring it. It still needs work but it looks nice. Where the heck would these kids go?


Today's news about Delta/Parkview: http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/480554--school-board-recommends-delta-parkview-close

A solution for Parkview along Balsam would be a great legacy. IMHO

That reminds me, it's about time the bump up the Hamilton Bulldogs Dawgs breakfast thread again.