2026 World Cup joint USA/Mexico/Canada bid

Predicting something that came true is 'causing trouble? Interesting concept.


Patrick loves being the devil advocate on issues, like NFL talk in Toronto on a CFL forum. It’s makes his innards come alive. :smiley:

I've noticed. :wink:

And it's more than welcome to discuss. We just like to reinforce reality to the conversation 8)

Canada gets 10 games and we will spend billions on stadiums for this?

Also Toronto cannot have any games featuring Canada as no one will go to those games in that city


7 Canadian Cities/9 Stadiums being short listed.

Vancouver: BC Place
Edmonton: Commonwealth Stadium

Calgary: McMahon Stadium
Regina: New Mosiac

Ottawa: TD Place
Toronto: Rogers Centre and BMO Field

Montreal: Olympic Stadium and Saputo Stadium
Cities will need to submit their bid by September 5. This will likely be down to 3…4 max by then,

FIFA will require the stadiums to be 40K seats permanent..not temporary. Plus grass fields with enough practice facilities nearby, also grass fields for multiple teams and enough 5 star hotels for players, FIFA members, sponsors etc….the later requirements may knock Edmonton out.
Likely the big 3 cities will be left standing. BMO won’t likely be an option in Toronto so would need to use Rogers Centre

FIFA has used stadiums with temp seating in the past. BMO can be expanded to 40K per the original designs if needed.

...I heard today too that any potential funding earmarked for Calgary for the Olympic bid would be lost if this idea was pursued...it's only a request for a RFP package anyways, doubt it'll materialize into anything substantial for any of the prairie cities....

Heard this as well.
Edmonton will most likely get the nod.

Is that 40K permanent seating for BMO?
According to this article FIFA wants that minimum. Temps were fine for U-20 and the Women's but not the men's. It's the reason why Winnipeg didn't let their name stand on the short-list.

MLSE is already working on plans to upgrade to 42K. Original plans for the stadium had it with 40K with retractable seating in the north and south ends. this is a long way out. 12K seats can be added with a refurbished west end, additional seats and boxes on the north - incorporated in the Food Building and 2K in temp seats on the south end. Winnepeg's stadium would require too many temps seats.

I'd rather Calgary get the winter Olympics.

Thank God this never turned into the 80K stadium in Toronto uproar that Patrick predicted - and hoped for. Cooler heads prevailed and people were smart enough to limit the public money for this silliness.

We are an after thought for this tournament.

we better not waste any money on any of this

I agree. But some of us (that damn Patrick) want an NFL team and are willing to spend our tax dollars to get one. To heck with that.

Six Canadian Cities bidding to host World Cup.

The stadiums that are used in the bid by each city are: Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton), Olympic Stadium (Montreal), TD Place Stadium (Ottawa), Mosiac Stadium (Regina), BMO Field (Toronto) and BC Place (Vancouver).
Absent from previous list: Rogers Centre in Toronto, Saputo Stadium inMontreal and McMahon Stadium in Calgary

Since FIFA now requires all World Cup stadium seating to be permanent, does that mean that Ottawa and Saskatchewan are considering expanding their respective facilities to 40k (minimum seating required to host World Cup)?

Not anymore!

They have just been removed off thenarrowed listby the United Bid Committee

Only Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto (BMO field) and Montreal (Olympic Stadium remain).

These 4 made the most sense all along.