2026 World Cup joint USA/Mexico/Canada bid

Apparently this week CONCACAF is set to announce a joint 3 country bid for the 2026 World Cup.

Start the Toronto NFL stadium rumours now. :slight_smile:

[url=https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/apr/06/us-canada-mexico-joint-world-cup-bid-2026]https://www.theguardian.com/football/20 ... p-bid-2026[/url]

Not sure but I thought a pro league in Canada that builds Canadian players is a prerequisite for the world cup in Canada .

The MLS as it stands now does not qualify it for Canada but it does the USA . Could be wrong but that's how I understood it . Maybe if there is a CPL forming then this fits the bill for the World Cup .

... and the CFL in Halifax! :wink:

If this going to be a joint bid between the 3 counties, then the NFL caliber stadium in Toronto talk ends now. Same for a CFL one is Halifax.

Even with an expanded field to 48 teams, there's more than enough infracture between the 3 counties that would negate the need for any new stadium. The US alone could pull it off.

I can see Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver being the only cities to actually host games. Even an expanded BMO Field would he too small, they'll more likely host some tune-up matches.

It would have been nice for Canada to go at it alone but the event just seems too big now. Perhaps we can try to host a Gold Cup alone and that would be more likely to build a new stadium somewhere.

My guess is that the three countries will each host one of the 16-team groups of the opening round, and the U.S. will be the sole host once the field is paired down to 32 teams. That would mean Canada would have four host cities each hosting a group of four teams. Unfortunately for any city looking for a new stadium, Canada's World Cup portion will only need the three cities that you mentioned plus probably SkyDome.


Patrick was just trying to cause waves with this thread. Nothing to see here.

Press conference held today to officially unveil the bid

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/canada-mexico-us-world-cup-2026bid-1.4064313]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/canada- ... -1.4064313[/url]

Only 10 games to be played in Canada (10 in Mexico too) so it's really a US bid with overflow.

No chance any new stadiums will be built here. Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal can easily handle the load with costs being relatively low for this event aside from security.

I heard that, too.

Games will be spread across Canada with FIFA wanting more venues, not less.

Could see 2 games in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

The trick will be inputting real grass - since the players will not play on turf.

I have my doubts on Toronto and Ottawa. BMO and TD Place even with temporary seats would be too small. FIFA likes them 40K or more.

Rogers Centre would likely have their renovations done to be baseball only.

Funny this is BMO built and touted and even protected as this 'soccer specific stadium' only to have it be bypassed by the 2 biggest international tournaments it could possibly host (incl. the WWC)

My guess is FIFA could care less about Ottawa but Toronto is a different matter. BMO will host at least a game mark my words. Toronto is nuts for soccer with the soccer community there as large as it is. BMO will be fine it's football specific, no baseball, should work fine for the lesser WC games that Canada would get.

I can see if held in the Summer less schedule conflict with MLS if you use Hamilton and add temporary seats and grass . Toronto would be cheaper but Hamilton needs the spark .

Impetus for Montreal refurbishment of the Big O with new layout , fix roof and temporary grass for two games .

Vancouver just add grass .

Edmonton just add grass .

Winnipeg just add grass and few seats .

Two games each and five cities . Cost for refurbishments on stadium structure for media ,security , grass and temporary seating would end up at millions but nothing over done compared to Brazil .

Would love if Halifax entered the mix and built a 40,000 stadium that is scaled down to 25,000 after the event . Enough reason for the Feds to throw some cash east and get something built even if it's for just two games .

Renos at the Big O, Commonwealth and BMO. Games at those three and BC Place. Calgary left wondering how they missed out and waiting God knows how much longer for something to replace McMahon.

I'd say you're dead on Gern with that assessment. TFC fans absolutely love BMO, they flock there for their team, the pitch is great, and the location, why not just keep enchancing this stadium, I mean in terms of locations, it's way way better than say some location like Downsview in the basic middle of nowhere, that's for sure.

Calgary is a no go for sure. FIFA wants Toronto first, Montreal second, BC third. Mind you BC Place or Commonwealth, that's where the real competition lies in the decision making process I'd say. Edmonton doesn't have the name of Vancouver with FIFA IMHO.

Bottom line, Toronto and Montreal for sure with BMO and Big O, after that it's a crapshoot. And anybody who thinks this will spark an NFL stadium and team in Toronto is just plain stupid IMHO. Very stupid.

Patrick's not stupid. Just a trouble maker. :wink:

Well I never believed Patrick was that daft to actually believe this was anything about an NFL stadium or team in Toronto. Yes, just a sh...t disturber, in a good and fun way, who likes to rackle the chains of people here. And I'll admit, he does an excellent job of this quite often. Sorta like Feschuk at The Star: :wink:

World Cup soccer in Canada might be just the start: Feschuk

North American joint bid for 2026 men’s World Cup could spark interest in building mega-stadium in Toronto, the kind you host an Olympics around....

It certainly has exponentially more cache than, say, the 2015 Pan Am Games. And think about it: The Hamilton Tiger-Cats managed to wrangle themselves a new stadium worth about $140-some million by tying construction to a modest schedule of Pan Am soccer matches. The FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest sporting event. So scale your ambitions accordingly. Certainly the folks who’ve long pined for Toronto to become home to an NFL team could dream about the synergies.

[url=https://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/2017/04/10/world-cup-soccer-in-canada-might-be-just-the-start-feschuk.html]https://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/2 ... schuk.html[/url]

I saw that, too. Feschuk doesn’t even believe his own argument.

I noticed that too Kevin that he basically made fun of his own argument, as you say. :slight_smile:

It was a half-@ssed attempt. Perhaps his editor told him to write the article.

Again, I wrote the PM and Primier and said, NO money for NEW stadiums - leaving out the part about unless it is for the Stamps or Als.


I told you the World Cup bid would resurrect NFL stadium talk in TO. That is all I predicted. I didn’t ever say anything about the likelihood of that talk turning into anything real. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does making trouble give you pleasure, Patrick? :frowning: