2024 Season United Football League (UFL) 4.0

Great ratings this weekend especially up against; London baseball series, Belmont Stakes, NBA Finals, Sunday night baseball. The Battlehawks - Brahmas game already bested the USFL championship from last year. Next Sunday, no real sports competition in a pseudo-primetime spot, can the UFL championship draw 1.5M, 1.7M, maybe 2M?


Jerry Jones watches the spring leagues too, you know.

They [the Dallas Cowboys] will look to beef up their inside linebacker depth Tuesday when they work out St. Louis Battlehawks linebacker Willie Harvey Jr., per NFL Media. Harvey led the UFL, the combined spring league created after the merger of the XFL and USFL, in total tackles with 78 during the league’s 10-game season. He also led the all UFL linebackers in tackles for loss (nine), passes defended (six) and forced fumbles (two).

Not only one but two UFL receivers are being pursued now by the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are reportedly expected to sign All-UFL wide receiver Daewood Davis, but he isn’t the only UFL pass catcher Carolina is interested in. According to NFL Media, the Panthers are expected to work out UFL Offensive Player of the Year wide receiver Hakeem Butler of the St. Louis Battlehawks before the break that precedes training camp.


What does this mean to the UFL? It means that Fox has Friday nights open. I don’t know if adding 2 or 4 teams to the league and strengthening the middle class of the league plays into expansion to get a Friday night game but there is a slot open.


Darryl Johnston let slip there’s less than a 50/50 chance for expansion next year, although Houston should be moving back to it’s original venue. I’d like them to add one preseason games, untelevised of course, to work out some of the usual week 1 kinks


OK. I think I finally get it. There is this off again on again chatter on this forum about these “USFL fanboys” and I didn’t really understand it. After a season with the new combined UFL, I now understand!


By now either a few of those hub league fan boys and bojacks have come around I figure, but as for those who have not, well they can stick to their “virtual hub league” and other such products of their imagination, probably often from their basements or “game rooms.”

They are welcome back once they give those up, but no way should they be involved in any ideas for the future of a spring league, including in media. Nope, you watch or sit in the stands buster and stay there. Enjoy your drink and your snack too.



It’s looking like many UFL games will be played on Friday next year. Due to the acquisition of Indy car racing and (probably) not due to expansion. Thoughts?


I am hardly surprised, as motorsport does remain hot beyond that free space now for Fox on Friday nights.

With one game on Friday night and no expansion, that would give the league far more flexibility around the rest of the weekend events for games on Saturday or Sunday.

Then there is another angle these days and the gambling industry would have the stats, but I would bet that the handle and gambling in general are higher on average at night, versus during daytime action on the weekend, due to the casual gamblers watching more games (and drinking and/or smoking) at night than during the daytime.

If the UFL starts by the end of February as it should, other than college basketball with now a niche and alumni following for the most part during its regular season and then some (often boring!) NBA or NHL regular season action, on some Friday nights the UFL could be the biggest game scheduled to attract more attention and action.

Then the UFL will have to navigate around March Madness for the first weekend for the most part before the next sports surge with The Masters and the generally exciting first round of the NBA and/or NHL playoffs.

The league should finish up no later than the first weekend of June, but if it were to finish up in May before US Memorial Day weekend, that would be better.


After my previous post, I read the following news for Fox. Fox Sports needs all the room for motorsport that they can clear on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fox Sports has picked up the rights to the annual race in a major new media rights deal with IndyCar. The deal will include 19 broadcast windows, with every 2025 race being available on the Fox broadcast network.

It’s telling that all events will be on regular TV AND simulcast to streaming, akin to common practice at CBS and ABC/ESPN but oh no not at Comcast-owned NBC, which lost the rights to the Indy 500 and was doing a crappy job years ago with that sports property as well.

Any time Comcast / NBC loses sports rights is great news to me, for they don’t know how to run a good network any more and are stuck in 2005 with a cable TV mentality.

I’m happy that spring football got rid of those losers at Comcast too.

Comcast will have to figure out much for their live sports beyond the NFL and their now crappy Premier League coverage, with Peacock now on a fire sale for a subscription, as posted in the streaming thread.


@Paolo_X - I am not a big motorsports guy but this IndyCar shift to Fox in my opinion is huge - it is not F1 but it is a lot of motor sports back on broadcast TV and this in my mind as previously stated is huge. If I repeat myself her blame Johnny Walker Red - Top to bottom we are seeing a huge shift in broadcast rights shifting from cable dungeons to broadcast TV. This is something that would have been thought of as impossible even three or four years ago.


Some numbers for people to chew on if they want expansion/relocation


That’s a great list though I wish they went further with the data for each of those media markets, as in average number of TV viewers per game in each of those markets.

Just because a market is high on this list for TV viewership does not make it a great market for expansion when it’s so small, which are many of these markets.

The largest media markets on the list are Detroit #14 and St. Louis #24.

But then look at the aggregate numbers across all markets in Michigan, plus for St. Louis there is also small market also in Missouri that extends into Kentucky and Illinois.

I have to wonder if they could find another venue near Detroit that is not in the city, for it’s not like it’s easy to get into the city and park and so forth in much of that area much like in especially much of the Midwest with everything so spread out when the venue is in the centre of a city.

Some would make the case for New Orleans given the interest along the Gulf, but I am not seeing it in what is not a great sports media market but for the NFL and NCAA Football.

There just does not seem to be much here in my view but for play in a different venue in Michigan rather than in the cavernous Ford Field, but then again Michigan in March and most of April is no place for football outdoors in my opinion, and they need an indoor facility and probably have a sweetheart lease via the help of the NFL Godfather anyway.


Cheap Tickets for Championship Game in St. Louis

So I just got an alert on my phone, because we are spied on so much after all, that tickets to the UFL championship game are selling as low as $4.

The verdict was in for me last night with the seasoner opener for Ottawa in Week 2 of the CFL.

  1. Do NOT start the CFL season before June. It’s already too early.
  2. Finish up your season before US Memorial Day weekend, UFL.

Football in June is simply not a great proposition, so minimize or eliminate those games. There are 11 other months of the year for it be it CFL, NFL, or UFL.


So if the UFL folds can we talk Ambrosie into taking over the St. Louis franchise? Their attendance numbers blow every other team out of the water; maybe that’s our 10th CFL team lol.


If the UFL folds I think St. Louis is done with alternative football. They’ll become the next Birmingham, burnt by too many leagues to care.


Watch the player flow to the NFL in this off-season, and watch to see if those numbers go up in 2025, and that’s a big part of the future of this league even if those players don’t make an NFL team.

The NFL owners have substantial interest in finding more such players with pro experience to compete for slots in camp rather than relying as much beyond the opening three rounds of the NFL draft, with players with pro experience able to push those higher picks as well, and the unpredictability of player flow from the CFL, through which very few who even make an NFL team actually play substantially.

It’s been two years in a row now that we have had two kickers picked up by the NFL, though Bates still has to win the job in Detroit in camp, who had otherwise slipped through those recruiting cracks.


I don’t know; they had both the Cardinals and the Rams in the relatively recent past too. It looks like they will support a pro team. They were averaging well over 34,000 a game this year. They’re also hosting the UFL championship game tomorrow.


The Ratio is what will keep USA teams out of the CFL.


Agreed but I still think the ratio is on the chopping block.

I still remember the NHL vs NHLPA owner lockout years ago. I’m concerned about the next CBA.