2024 Season United Football League (UFL) 4.0

A whole lot of dudes who procrastinated were shopping for mom and/or wife and then probably had something to fix with the car, in the garage, or in the yard. That’s my guess.

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warmer weather and people wanting to go out more was suggested somewhere else too.


yup, I was outside for most of this weekend’s games. That’s one of the biggest issues I have with Spring Football, I want to be outside on the weekends once the nice weather starts to show, not sitting on my couch.


For the sake of any UFL interest in any of the faltering markets of the Arena Football League, I don’t see potential in any of these otherwise small media markets except that of the Washington Wolfpack, who play in Everett but of course it’s on the UFL to revive the Seattle Sea Dragons for a third time or not.

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Well we are there now. There may have been a marginal improvement if the eight-team league had simply no conferences, but oh no they had to do the XFL versus USFL ordeal.

Now in the “USFL Conference,” the top two teams are in the playoffs and the bottom too have been eliminated before Week 8 of 10 regular season games already. How are those teams going to play going forward? Oops.

In the XFL conference, one team has been eliminated already.

Fix your damn league organization too, UFL.

On a positive note, in these last three weeks of the regular season, there are only two more games on ESPN channels.

Both of those games are on Saturday and have minimal to zero playoff implications.


New UFL Special Teams Power Rankings are here for you to check out!


San Antonio ALL THE WAY!!! Chase Garbers injury doomed us but miracles happen.


Well let’s hope the season ends on a strong note via the playoffs, for which only 5 of the 8 teams are still eligible with 2 already clinched.

Here’s what the league should do in the off-season:

  1. Decent Marketing, For Once!

Ramp up the marketing on Fox during NFL games starting in November for the new season starting in FEBRUARY 2025 and ending no later than the first Sunday in May unless and until the league is with 12 or more teams, when the season would end before Memorial Day weekend.

  1. Shuffle Up and New Deal for Cities

Reshuffle the cities and pursue the addition of two teams that have a decent venue as well. This effort will probably be a new off-season thread. Reconsider Seattle and check out the IFL’s markets in the west and southwest when doing so.

  1. Move The Game Along Better, People

Tweak any rules so as to speed up the game without compromising the game.

  1. No Need For Divisions Yet

ONE league and no divisions unless there are 12 or more teams!


I’m not a huge fan of shuffling cities so soon. The merger wasn’t even announced until the start of the New Year. Teams like Michigan didn’t start ticket sales until 2-3 weeks before kickoff. The whole off-season was a bit of a cluster. I’d like to see the league maintain 2 or 3 designated players per team. Essentially hire them as full-time employees and have them out in the community all 12 months of the year.


Yeah I am with you on this one. Unless the financials are bleak like super AAF bleak I would stand pat with the teams as they are.

You’ve got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run

I think that we are in the hold them for now. See what the next card looks like then maybe fold em after next season.

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We have to differ on this one.

When possible, drop the one or two worst markets in favour of a more promising one, especially if there is a private investor, sooner than later.

It’s easier and cheaper to make these changes for the second season too.

Cut your losses short!

That attendance is sure not improving, and any team slated for 3 to 5 wins between two seasons is going nowhere either.

Next the TV ratings associated with that team will go in the toilet in a slow flush over time.

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I don’t want to sound like a Kool-Aid drinker, but this sounds like good news:


Ah well now that I can access the article, it is paywalled.

Anyway, St. Louis has established the model for the league to follow.

Seattle had done well twice already too, but they were abandoned for …Arlington, Texas and Detroit, Michigan …I’d include Memphis now too but for the advantage of a central location as well as vast sums of local money from FedEx to support the facility.


If I remember right, the article said it was the highest local rating of any city this year, but lower than the highest number the Battlehawks recorded last season (6.7 vs. 4.9) in the XFL. Although the attendance is lacking there, Michigan seems to do well in the TV ratings and it is a huge market.


so I was wearing my Battlehawks t-shirt and someone asked me about it. I told them and they were like all-right :slight_smile:

Just doing my part


From things that I have read the three big killers of spring football are 1) stadium lease 2) workers comp insurance 3) travel costs.

Before you relocate a team from a bad market best make sure you have a better one lined up. Everyone hashes on Rice University and the Roughnecks - Who knows what the stadium lease is? Does anyone know what the workers comp rates are? We know the travel from DFW is pretty minimal.

So even if the Roughnecks are losing money and have 6k per game. It is possible to move to a different location have higher 1) stadium lease 2) workers comp insurance 3) travel costs. So you now have 18 k people in the stands but if you went from a cheap stadium to expensive stadium, higher travel costs and in a state with way higher workers comp rates. Hypothetically you could be losing 3 or 4 times as much money as you were while you were operating in Houston at Rice Stadium.

I hear Oakland, San Diego and Portland - do any of those locations have a stadium that is better than Rice? One that you can use for cheap that is better than Rice? How about in the Northeast? Anyone have any good stadiums that are going to be cheap to rent in states with low workers comp rates?


After watching some of the game on Fox and taking a long nap like usual on weekends, well I will elaborate here.

WOW is the coverage on Fox SLOW. In fact, I feel like it’s slower than the NFL. The announcers do way too much talking too. Now of course dead air is generally to be avoided on live sports, but c’mon now guys quit reaching for tidbits and the like to fill time.

The game did not even finish with THREE hours of TV time.

Even the baseball game I am watching now after the game is moving faster.

I get it for the NFL with bloated commercial breaks and a longer halftime show it seems, but wow for a lower league, the action has to move along much faster.



Looks like Texas is fairly good with Worker compensation. I’m not too surprised because I was talking to a guy from Texas and he was saying that a lot of companies from California are moving out there.





Yeah California is super crazy expensive on a lot of levels. Why would it be any different for setting up shop for an Alt Football league and the workers comp rates.