2024 Season United Football League (UFL) 4.0

@Paolo_X - The Godfather is watching - 35% of the NFL is undrafted free agents, This allows players to get in a “senior” season without coaches playing younger players over them, for players to get NFL coaching, no games against cupcakes. Anyhow I know that I am preaching to the converted - not just the choir.


Wow, the day is not over, but who would have thought that Easter Monday / April Fool’s Day would also be such a spiritual experience for us already today?

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The UFL Website - Navigation and Design SUCK

For starters for the home page, 2/3 of the page is a photo.

This is one of those annoying modern sites that makes you click too many times or scroll so much simply to find basic information or for routine items, such as in this case, SCORES!

Here’s one tip for the UFL - put the scores right on the home page just like on the website for every other sports league! Don’t fix or tweak what works already you fools!

Try it yourself to find the scores to the games this weekend, and count your clicks for example.

It reminds me of some of the streaming services to get to your already preferred content instead of flipping to the app and there it is on your home page.

Contrary to even basic logic, game scores are not visible simply after clicking “Scores.” What bojack is behind this website’s design?

On the flip side, the UFL site does have a decent game stats template and framework once you can get to that page.

But fix your damn website, UFL.


NCAA Spring Football Saturday Conflicts

Whether or not the local UFL game is that same day, these can and do affect attendance and local ratings for the football fans who attend these spring scrimmages or who watch the games.

These are the five games, all in April, that stick out for UFL games in Detroit, Birmingham, Memphis, and in Texas, especially for SEC fans where the weather is generally good already.

I have not compared the UFL schedule yet.

Alabama 13 April
Auburn 6 April
Michigan 20 April
Tennessee 13 April
Texas 20 April


FWIW with regards to increased NFL interest in kick returners in the UFL?

But I figure said player should have other skills at another position in the modern NFL.


That 54th Man in the NFL

Wide receiver Chase Claypool is not a UFL player or prospect, but I will cross-post this example for sake of an example of a player who might be between leagues now even though he is an NFL talent.

Such a situation is at hand also between the springs leagues and now the UFL and the NFL, including especially at the special teams positions, as a few guys are elevated each season to an NFL camp at minimum.

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WOW! Well beyond expectations with those numbers here and an average of over 1 million viewers per game, even against all the headwinds from the competition and the holiday this weekend!

Also credit to this author James Larsen, who has improved his game vastly as well.

Wait until that Superb Owl hears about this at the Shady Nest tonight!

Considering that none of the USFL’s games on FOX last year cracked 1M viewers, this is an excellent sign. 1pm ET is by no means close to a primetime slot, and despite the competition, FOX managed to break 1M for the first time since 2022.

Yes as I have banged the drum for two years but don’t need to any more now, it DOES matter for TV ratings when it’s not a hub and a game at a real venue like in our entire lives even if the attendance is low.

When the XFL kicked off their season in 2023 [in February not in late March or on a holiday weekend], they saw two games on ABC reach 1.5M viewers. They were not dealing with the competition that the UFL saw this weekend, though.

And here’s the big take that does not even including streaming, which is how I watched one of the games on Fox on Fox’s own website:

The final average for UFL week one: 1.048M viewers per game. This does not include streaming services such as ESPN+.

More of this please UFL.

Week 2 presents an even larger opportunity for ratings given the lack of national appeal for the teams remaining in March Madness, as @Stickweld21 also explained so well again.

Week 3 will be tough with The Masters in play, but on the other hand it’s not like some fans might not be simply flipping channels that weekend, for it’s golf.


Purdue NC State is the first game this weekend an it tips off at 6 PM Easter on TNT/TBS - the UFL game between Arlington and Battlehawks kicks off at 8 pm then the UConn 'Bama game is at 8:49.

There are a couple of battles happening here ''Over the Air" broadcasts vs Cable TV and the UFL/Football in general vs NCAA hoops.

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Yikes. They make Argo crowds seem huge


It’s too bad they missed an entertaining football game.

Kudos to SA on the comeback.


attendance in St Louis looks very good!


Yeah - that was worth a laugh.

I was stunned to find out how huge the percentage of people who never go past the first search page is. Knowing that, about 98% of people leave their site for one that has scores on the home page…


Below Memphis Mad Dogs average attendance :wink:


As entertaining as I thought the San Antonio/Memphis game was, this was even better.


7700 in Detroit. Unfortunately these USFL teams aren’t pulling their weight. The marketing department may need an overhaul this off-season


I am wondering what the TV numbers are going to look like - The product on the field has not been terrible. The QB play has been a little bit touch and go at times.

I am wondering if people are still a bit gun shy on the spring football concept especially when it comes to getting tickets for games.