2024 Season United Football League (UFL) 4.0

Typically Tuesday, although if they’re particularly good you may get an early press release via the UFL/ESPN/Fox tomorrow. Even with the heavy competition the UFL was trending at #3 on Google for a long while and finished #7 overall for the day. It also trended top 20 on Twitter various times throughout the day.

I think at least one of the Fox broadcasts topped one million viewers and expect the ESPN slate to average around 600k today.


This last game started out with promise, but has since turned into a slop fest. Smallest crowd in Houston history, which whole not unexpected, is disappointing. The home team isn’t really giving the fans much to be excited about either

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I went 1-3 with the two losses today,

Defenders 12
Brahmas 27

Showboats 18
Roughnecks 12


I remember last season they had a good crowd, maybe today was smaller because of the Easter


You are brave man too. Thank you for taking one for the team this weekend as well, sir.


Final Four with UConn, 'Bama, NC State and Purdue

'Bama vs UConn 8:49 Eastern This follows NC State vs Purdue - Which has a 6pm tip off. Both of those games are on TBS. There isn’t a lot by the way of national branding there, interesting stories but nothing like UNC, UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan, Kansas etc. Then again the first couple of rounds had really solid ratings.

Granted I am not saying that the UFL is going to defeat the NCAA in the ratings game but with that lineup for the NCAA I don’t see the end of the world for the UFL. Fox doesn’t have anything to lose on this one.


Agreed. It doesn’t have to beat other sports. That’s a big ask for something that is already established. The guys at FOX will look at it like “how much does it cost to produce an episode of ‘Loki?’ How much income do we get from ads/sponsorship etc?” After a cost/benefit analysis they’ll see if it’s worth while doing (this includes an estimate of future growth potential I would think).

They can’t be bleeding cash that badly. They have opportunities for reducing travel costs by naming an airline “the official airline of the UFL” etc etc.


San Antonio & Houston is surprising

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Easter Sunday Afternoon games - Southern Baptists and a very Hispanic San Antonio. 11 am Central Time and 2 PM Central time.

Houston doesn’t play at home again until week 4 another 1pm Sunday kickoff.


Silly thought on my part, maybe schedule the home openers on week 2 or on Saturday.

Also 11 AM is a popular church going time. Perhaps it should have been 2 and 5?


TV is the make or break -


For Michigan and Houston, their leases were sorted out late so less time to sell tickets compares to the other markets.

I like how Michigan only sold the first 20 rows or so making look decent on TV.

Saying that it’s common for a decrease in the second home game.


Here’s another idea. Have a church ceremony at the stadium before the game.


And an Easter Egg hunt for the non church attenders lol


Oh no here we go now, some bojack is going to get some bright ideas and try to start a “gridiron football church” of sorts, altar at midfield, another bojack kicks a ball through the uprights during the Hallelujah, et cetera…

Uhhhhhh, no.


you forgot the statue of Jesus with his very own Houston Roughnecks or San Antonio Brahmas Jersey.


An Instantly Legendary Moment in Pro Football Kicking History

/Taps pulpit
//Looks slowly around the class

Okay folks listen up today, this is no April Fool’s scam, and this is no exaggeration with regards to just how improbable and instantly legendary this kick was on Saturday at the Bates Motel!
///Cues the house band

  1. This kick made the NFL page on the CBS site
    UFL kicker has reportedly been contacted by multiple NFL teams after smashing improbable 64-yard field goal - CBSSports.com

The kick by Bates might go down as one of the most improbable field goals of all-time. The kick against the Battlehawks was his first field goal attempt since HIGH SCHOOL and he drilled it from a distance that even NFL kickers struggle with. In the entire history of the NFL, there have only been two field goals of 64 yards or more.

The other improbable part of Bates’ kick is that he actually made it TWICE. Bates hit the first one down the middle, but it didn’t count because the Battlehawks had called a timeout before he got Michigan got the snap off. You can check out that entire sequence below.

The NFL record was 63-yards for the longest time by Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints in 1971. That was also when the goal posts were on the goal line!
That record was tied by Jason Elam of the Broncos at altitude in 1998.

As depicted, it should not be overlooked also that Dempsey was disabled and kicked with a club foot as well.

That 63-yard record was broken in 2013 by Matt Prater of the Broncos for 64 yards at altitude though at a temperature of 13F / -11C , and then Justin Tucker broke it in 2021 for 66 yards.

Here’s the list of all-time longs for NFL field goals with video as well!

There have ONLY been 15 field goals of 62 yards or longer in official games in NFL history!
Bates would be #3 on this list ALL-TIME!

Uh, you think every single NFL special teams coach has already reserved a room at the BATES MOTEL, hmm?

And Bates did not even kick in college. Take that too, NCAA.