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An Instantly Legendary Moment in Pro Football Kicking History

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Okay folks listen up today, this is no April Fool’s scam, and this is no exaggeration with regards to just how improbable and instantly legendary this kick was on Saturday at the Bates Motel!
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  1. This kick made the NFL page on the CBS site
    UFL kicker has reportedly been contacted by multiple NFL teams after smashing improbable 64-yard field goal - CBSSports.com

The kick by Bates might go down as one of the most improbable field goals of all-time. The kick against the Battlehawks was his first field goal attempt since HIGH SCHOOL and he drilled it from a distance that even NFL kickers struggle with. In the entire history of the NFL, there have only been two field goals of 64 yards or more.

The other improbable part of Bates’ kick is that he actually made it TWICE. Bates hit the first one down the middle, but it didn’t count because the Battlehawks had called a timeout before he got Michigan got the snap off. You can check out that entire sequence below.

The NFL record was 63-yards for the longest time by Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints in 1971. That was also when the goal posts were on the goal line!
That record was tied by Jason Elam of the Broncos at altitude in 1998.

As depicted, it should not be overlooked also that Dempsey was disabled and kicked with a club foot as well.

That 63-yard record was broken in 2013 by Matt Prater of the Broncos for 64 yards at altitude though at a temperature of 13F / -11C , and then Justin Tucker broke it in 2021 for 66 yards.

Here’s the list of all-time longs for NFL field goals with video as well!

There have ONLY been 15 field goals of 62 yards or longer in official games in NFL history!
Bates would be #3 on this list ALL-TIME!

Uh, you think every single NFL special teams coach has already reserved a room at the BATES MOTEL, hmm?

And Bates did not even kick in college. Take that too, NCAA.