2024 Season United Football League (UFL) 4.0

Some NFL Roster Math, 2023

Running some bare math for a starting point and an ESTIMATE,

150 Former USFL/XFL players in the NFL
1696 = 53*32 approximate total player slots in the NFL in any given week of the regular season, practice squads excluded

150 would be 8.84% of weekly NFL slots filled by players by the USFL/XFL as the source so far, but of course those 150 players were not all in the NFL at the same time.

What if the maximum number of such players on NFL rosters at the same time were only about 5%, or 85 players?

That’s still 1 out of 20 NFL players on rosters!

Many of those 85 players would be making the rookie / 1st year minimum per game.

Though sometimes that slot would have been filled by an undrafted free agent who also makes the minimum, undrafted free agents otherwise often have less or zero pro experience, including especially straight out of college.

Anyway, if the baseline for the spring leagues to feed NFL rosters so far is at about 5% to replace other sources, including a few from the lower rounds of the annual NFL Draft, that’s a start on reduced salary per player for more experience, shorter learning curve, and less aggregate risk.

Now in 2024, we will watch to see if the NFL builds on that 2023 baseline estimate of 5% of NFL player slots per regular season week (~85 players) from the USFL/XFL/UFL.