2024 QB Cap Hits - By Team

Given the QB position is so important, I thought id put together some numbers on how each team is utilizing their Cap on QBs.

Some of these salaries are estimated and some assumptions are being made.

As you will see, Hamilton is in the best position of anyone, with BC, Montreal and Ottawa also in good positions. How Winnipeg stays competitive is impressive. Toronto is feeling the impact of Kelly’s absurd contact.

Starting QB playing time bonus included - backups are not
Fajardo: Extension announced, no details
Adams: Extenson announced, no details
Shiltz: Estimated contract
Harris: Restructure announced, believed it was converted to bonus
Pipkin/Fine: Extensions announced, details unknown, estimated


For Fajardo, even though there were no details announced, he said publicly that he left money on the table so the team could go out and sign the players needed to build a winner. Obviously no way to know what that means in hard numbers.


Id have a tough time believing he took a pay cut. Id imagine 3 Down will have their annual article soon and this can be updated accordingly.


Agreed, I don’t think he took a paycut. I read it as more about him maybe getting a modest raise.

Agreed so that $425 is more like $450.

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One thing on the BC side: you have Pipkin/Fine combined making $80k. Shouldn’t they each be making 80? Or is that more like “whichever of them is the #2 is making $80k”?

You mean Sask?

Yeah one of them will be the backup, my assumption is they aren’t making the league min.
One will be the 3rd string so it’s immaterial.

Whoops, yeah, Ssk, my bad.

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First round draft picks make more then league minimum, I read once it’s around 90k, so Edmonton would be paying a Ford a bit more then 70k.


Here is what I could find on that. So if this is his 3rd year we could call it $85,000. But not sure what it actually is.

Min salary (interpret as you will) is defined as $65,000 for the first two years of the contract, with a maximum housing allowance or signing/roster bonus of $7,500 per season and maximum 50% + 1 bonus based on snaps of $7,500 per season for a maximum earnings of $80,000 for first and second round picks in their first two seasons, with the third season base salary not exceeding the second year base salary by more that 10%.


Did I miss the part where Michael O’Connor signed in BC???

Farhan Lalji previously said the Lions were looking for an experience backup with the retirement of Dane Evans. Their order of preference was: Matt Shiltz, Taylor Cornelius, and then Jake Dolegala. Since Shiltz is gone, I would think BC is now looking to sign Cornelius.

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I heard O’Connor retired after 2022


Good catch. I had thought he was hurt last year and Evans had the #2 spot but then I remembered that was Dom Davis.

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I’d like to see Cornelius sign with us. Showed enough promise i thought, and we need a third QB.