2024 Paper Bag Bowl Thread

Exactement. La fiche elle-même est trompeuse. Les Elks ont joué du bon football, mais ont trouvé des façons de se tirer dans le pied. Particulièrement, l’indiscipline leur a coûté cher. C’est le premier problème à régler, à mon avis; nombre de séquences adverses ont pu être poursuivies à cause de punitions écopées à des moments importants.

En défensive, il y a encore du progrès à faire, surtout dans la tertiaire. Mais offensivement, sans rien enlever à Ford, il y a eu de gros progrès dans l’exécution des jeux. Il va quand même falloir que MBT ne tente pas trop souvent de forcer le jeu. Je crois que ça a coûté au moins une partie, sinon deux.

I’m not sure if also new tradition shall be at hand or not,
a drink of strong drink from the cup from which Bot Ross drank,
The Bot Ross Grail,
before the donning of a new Sad Sack.

I’m inclined to highly recommend it to any of you Sad Sacks in here.

We’ll have to mull this one over some more at the very least.

I agree that EE are playing good football, but their penalties, as you noted, at crucial times, make them less than average. I don’t pretend to know more about that team than their coach, but it hasn’t been working with MacBeth at the controls, as he often throws a pick at the worst time. So, I don’t know if Ford would be an upgrade. However if it is not working, give Tre a shot. He did pretty well last year, while guiding a poor team.

The Elks have taken 22 yards more penalties in 4 games than the Riders have in 3 games. Little doubt since the Elk have a bye this week the Riders will retake the lead this week…

I think in many ways this has been as bad as if not worse than the penalties and errors. MBT tried to force throws in every game he shouldn’t have.


True…yabut…the Riders’ 3rd game saw a significant reduction, so they might be responding to Mace’s reading of the “riot act.” I would expect further reductions henceforth.


Ti-Cats, you may replace your paper bag with another one now, or you can trade it in for a sad sack at no extra charge!

Blue Bombers, you get a break for only a week with scrutiny upon you. No, you do not have the luxury of screwing up again.

The Elks make a return on Sunday night, and well the stakes are high for the first win or else it is going to be another pallet of sad sacks getting unpacked on the night shift after the game!


Elks have a gentle schedule of games coming up. They have a chance to win a game or 2 against Ottawa, the Hammer. Or if Nanook gets real angry, Elks would make history.

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Oh weird it displays for me


Go figure, it didn’t display on a Windows PC but does on a Chromebook. Technology.

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Il est temps de mettre à jour votre Windows 95. :wink:


Ran out of paper bags…
Sad Shame GIF


Welcome fans of the Stamps! Here’s your new paper bag!

Well perhaps join me you other fans of the Elks in donning your new sad sacks! And so it shall be unless and until we win one. Damnit.

Fans of the Bombers and the Stamps, with one more win, you are OUT of here!


Since Chris Jones was announced as fired literally minutes after my post in the Elks thread, missing out on the action this weekend due to local travel and all the rest in my country this weekend :face_with_spiral_eyes: ,

it is hereby declared that you fans of the Elks like me are allowed to cut a modest hole at the top of your sad sack so as to allow a ray of light to enter.


I doubt my Cats will beat the Boatmen this week.

What are the chances the Elks lose to the RBs again?

Hopefully the planets align and we will have THE TOILET BOWL in 2 weeks! :rofl:


Get some sun screen because the sun gonna shine this weekend for Elk fans.


Whoa, we’re half way there!



Well that did come to fruition did it

This weekend? maybe next weekend against Hamilton

Never been that wrong ever. Man Elk looked to be not even fired up to even try.flippining a coin on that on
… head Elk loss tail Hammy wins.
If it stands on end Elk win