2024 NHL playoffs

Good info but I think that Edmonton winning 4 of 5 is extremely unlikely. Teams that win the first two games at home in the Final have an 83% chance of winning the Cup.

If Barkov is out with a broken jaw then I would sincerely hope Draisaitl is suspended, nullifying the Edmonton advantage.


Another example I believe of full face protection helping to prevent such injuries. The NHL owes it to both the players and the fans who are paying big money to watch these players protection to help prevent such injuries. I don’t see anyone complaining with women’s pro hockey about full face shields taking away from the beauty and character of hockey.

Is hockey the only sport where the higher level you go up, to the professional level, less protective gear is allowed, at least to the face and head? Not sure. If this is the case, that’s really weird. I suppose boxing is another example. But maybe that’s what the NHL wants, when two players fight they, the league, actually want the fight to look like a pro boxing match? Full face protection wouldn’t allow that, I guess the players just take off their helmets anyways in some fights.

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Tell me how this is not a Major penalty and a game misconduct
clearly, leaves his feet and leads with his elbow directly to the head
Sure, Draitstyl is clearly frustrated because Barkov has completely shut him down so far this playoff
If he isn’t suspended at least 1 game,
It could mean open season on McJesus and Draits
The League better take care of this


Guys on sports radio here yesterday thought it was more like 91%. In any case it’s a big hill to climb.

Draisaitl has to be suspended for that egregious action. Next game at least.


You’re probably right. I had 90% in my head but didn’t want to overestimate it. Read it the other day.

With 2 days til next game in Edm(Thursday) the League gets an extra day to make a ruling


If Barkov is out for any more than 1 game and Draisityl is NOT suspended 2 or 3 games the league continues as a Butcher’s League, not the esteemed and historical National Hockey League.

That said, there’s a concept called street justice which would invoke Paul Maurice telling one of his lower tier players (ie. 4th liners or 7th defenseman) to “rattle up” Mr. McDavid. By rattling I would think intentionally harming him via a cross check to the neck or the notorious elbow smash or somesuch.

Only problem is there’s only a few coaches who would take justice into their own hands. Toe Blake, Punch Imlach, Korab, Berube, that goon who coached Las Vegas, maybe even that current weiner from Philly.
However, Paul Maurice is from the NHL’s Old League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - perhaps explaining why he’s never won a Cup in his lengthy coaching career.

Nope, street justice won’t be inflicted by The Rats. Rats like Tkachuk will harass McDavid & Nuge-Hopkins, even Bouchard but they won’t lay the bear trap.

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In my opinion,
much as there is in gridiron football and in rugby specifically with launching at the head and neck (and at quarterbacks also at the knees or below) but in hockey it should be anywhere on the body,
beyond existing rules there should be specific emphasis on any launching in the direction of any player at all regardless of the impact,
for launching at a player from one’s skates is inherently an dangerous act anyway and was never within the rules.

From there of course it can only go bad with either a total miss on the attempt by the player to be out of position for his team anyway,
this is not fat man ice capades you bojack,
or making contact with the head or though rare, a knee or the spine,
of an opponent to seriously injure the player after a launch at that speed on skates.

It’s utter malarkey that the league has not simply stamped out this root cause of so many injuries for an act that is simply not part of routine play.

NO LAUNCHING from your skates in the direction of a player!


Turns out that 91% is pretty much bang on as the percentage chance Florida now has to win the series. Also a look at teams in the past that have come back from two down.

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On the discipline front, Carrick fined for the “slash” that was actually a spear. No real discipline then.

No word that I am aware of on a hearing for Draisaitl and his elbow to the jaw. I’m not sure if the league is waiting to see what the extent of the injury to Barkov is on this non hockey play. It does appeat that Barkov has at least a chance of playing tomorrow, something draisaitl shouldn’t have.



Edmonton Oilers star Leon Draisaitl isn’t expected to face supplemental discipline for his hit on [Florida Panthers] captain Aleksander Barkov, Sportsnet confirmed on Tuesday.*


I guess Bennett and Tkachuk know where the acceptable limit is now


Total crap. I am always against vigilante Justice, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Crysaitl or McDavid took a shot to the jaw or head next game. The refusal of the NHL to step in and do the right thing may very well cause Game 3 to be very dirty. I thought that Game 2 was the dirtiest game by any team in the playoffs this year as the Oilers took a major for kneeing and were fined for a spear to the groin and little happened as a result of the worst violation, a dirty elbow to the head. The next game should be ugly as the full on elbow smash to the jaw is now only worth a two minute minor. Headline should be: NHL Drops Ball Again With Latest Impromptu Playoff Rule Change

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Exactly, he launched to cause undo harm aka Tatum in the NFL. These types of hits have to be dealt with by the NHL, NFL etc. It IS an issue. And getting back to Jack Tatum, this guy had no holds barred, this guy laided a iickin’ on you if your were a receiver back in the days, be scared, very scared Jack told you coming in my territory, I will take your lights out bud, love old time football and Don Cherry “rockin’ sockin” thingy. Don’t think basketball and baseball has these, maybe Pete Rose is the closest. But does basketball even have a Tatum, Rose type of dude? Hockey does of course with the likes of well John Ferguson, legendary. But Tatum never had to fight to get his legendary status, Ferguson did have to fight to get such recognition as Tatum, but Ferguson was a 20 goal scorer all the same, so he, like Tatum, wasn’t just a “kill dude” sort of thing. I don’t think Dave Schultz or the other guy Saleski, the Bobby Clarke caretakers, ever scored 20, but I might be very wrong on this…: (hey my friend grade nine guy Rick Green of the Habs, London, Ontario back in the day, who I was honoured to play with you in high school hockey, you had the skills bud but I made the team all the same as a little “chunker” with little skill but ability to skate fast but didn’t have a clue what to do when the puck landed on my stick. :wink: You made it to the NHL big time and won Stanley Cup, you nailed it bud back in the day in the year 1986)

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Marc Crawford

Going against form here but I think its near 90% the Oil Kings take out the Southern Rats this evening in Edmonton.

Won’t say the Rats win the series but they’ll be 1/3 rd of the way to taking 3 straight (35% chance today but 50% chance if they grab tonite’s game)

Don’t know who tonite’s stars might be for the Oils - but have an idea Draisitl & Bouchard will play their parts; Skinner will obviously have to hold up his bargain in the nets.

3-1 or 4-2 for Oils tonite. Maybe 95% guaranteed if Barkov out of the lineup. 88 to 90% even if Barkov dresses - but obviously sore as all hell.

I thought the game was tonight too at first, but it is tomorrow. An unnecessary delay in my opinion and it now clashes with CFL, which I will be watching first.

I called the series in 5 for Florida and I haven’t seen anything to change my mind, despite the unfair advantage the Oilers have been awarded by Draisaitl being allowed to play.

The Oilers must win both at home to avoid the toaster. I think their sole win is tomorrow and then they lose the next two.


Oilers are looking beat up as well. A few of their players like Nurse and Draisaitl appear to be nursing some injuries.

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An update on the bribe the Bettman scandal so that Draisaitl can play. Just kidding, but it sure seems like it. Barkov remains on the fence and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sit tomorrow, maybe even the next two games. It looks like he is in concussion protocol and doesn’t have a broken jaw at least.

I see that Krisiun just posted a reference to Nurse being hurt, which is also covered in this story. That would appear to be a huge bonus for the Oilers as well as the stats on both Nurse and Ceci rank them among the worst defenceman in the league. Oilers may be better off with an AHL defenceman playing than with Nurse. He will be the next worst horrific contract in the league requiring a buyout now that Tavares is nearing the end of his neck collar deal.


Not sure what happened to Nurse’s play this season but it looks to have declined from the previous year(s).

As for Draisaitl, he has been a non factor in the first two games. Given he will be in the line up, he needs to wake up and play hockey if he wants his team to have a shot at hoisting Lord Stanley’s cup.


That’s really too bad. Not only for the Panthers but hockey fans as well. Barkov is a pleasure to watch. Does so many little things right on the ice and his shutdown abilities are 2nd to none in my opinion. A complete player that reminds me of a young Anze Kopitar when he was in his prime a few years ago.

Barkov is well deserving of his Selke Trophy and would probably win the Conn Smythe as well if it wasn’t for his goalies equally impressive playoffs.