2024 NFL Offseason

That would suck


In principle I am with you, but on the American side I do know well in the NFL that there is simply no going back to the kickoff of yore, as in moving it back again to the 30-yard line, and now as John Mara stated in advocacy for the one-year trial, the owners are now in agreement that whatever comes next, they simply do not want and will not tolerate what looks like merely a ceremonial play borne of tradition.

Now if you don’t know who John Mara is, read up a few posts at #95 because the Mara family is one of a few in the ownership who are literally as old as the NFL and professional American football.

When a traditionalist and conservative with the rules becomes an advocate, rest assured there will not be any turning back in the NFL here though there could be an interim period before any subsequent change.

I liken the situation in the NFL to what became of the point-after-try starting in 2015, when it was moved to a snap from the 15-yard line rather than from the 2-yard line.

We are not looking back at all at 20-yard PAT’s, which otherwise remain part of American football at the NCAA level and lower.

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Uh-oh, they pissed off the NFL even more now, so Payback, you’re up next.

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This moment a few of us watching the UFL on Saturday saw live for a 64-yard field goal, made TWICE at that mind you, as my Battlehawks lost in the most improbable fashion, literally made pro football kicking history!

Here’s how and as compared to NFL kicking history.

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Though not the primary driver of the Peacock deal for the game in Brazil, for GREED trumps all here, oh yeah, Payback has been dispatched by the NFL owners here already.


I’m not overly familiar with this guy but I do remember him quitting a game at half time a few years back. He is gone at the early age of 35.

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Change in the Air Already for NFL Special Teams?

Beyond that UFL kicker and his historic feat this weekend, as linked above, here’s something I have not seen in the NFL in many years.

Here’s the first team to scout a player who is also kick returner that I have read about after the approval of the new kickoff.

Now with all things about the same for candidates for WR5 or WR6 on a roster, perhaps sometimes teams will choose the player with better kick return skills?

We won’t really know definitively until we actually see how the new kickoff works out and then how teams adapt so as to cover the kicks, especially when the return man and his team have exceptional skills.

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Claypool is still a free agent, and the Riders have made their move:

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I’m going to add some information and also cross-post here, for Claypool is an example of a player with NFL talent who, now going on his fifth year and only 26 this summer, teams are making a judgement call given what he would be due for the NFL minimum in his 5th year versus all the rising starts who are younger and sometimes cheaper as the WR5 or WR6.

Here are Claypool’s NFL stats, which held up until the 2023 season:

Claypool, listed at 6-4 238, is a quite large wide receiver.

As a wide receiver in the NFL, Chicago is not a place one would have high on the list, and Claypool was there for a few games in 2022 and in 2023.

Claypool did well in Pittsburgh in 2022, despite their quarterback issues since Roethlisberger retired.

It’s too bad something more could not be made of his situation in Miami in 2023, where I don’t think Tua is a very strong quarterback either.

And so here we are at a crossroads for Claypool. It’s either another NFL shot and cracking a roster so as to actually be targeted again like in 2022, or it’s off to the CFL if he actually wants to play pro football.


Fairly big trade news today. Not a bad move by the Bills as Diggs appeared to be past his prime and didn’t have a great year last year. And Diggs needs Josh Allen more than the opposite. Allen could have the notorious Kamau Incompletersen as one of his receivers and still complete 60 passes a year to him.


I dunno. I dont like it. Specially for nothing more than a second round pick.

I believe him, though note also the other players mentioned who are also on the rise after already shining on defense.

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Over the wall and into the cove!
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Major money for the other Josh Allen in the NFL:

The Jaguars are making sure Josh Allen is part of their long-term plans. Jacksonville and its star pass rusher reached a a five-year, $150 million deal, CBS Sports lead [NFL] insider Jonathan Jones confirms. The contract includes $88 million guaranteed, per ESPN. Allen is now the third-highest paid defensive player on a per-year basis per OverTheCap.com.

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The NFL knows the law via its team of lawyers too so as to have been able to figure out this one!

The fact the game is being played in Brazil isn’t the only unique thing about the game. It’s also notable the game will be played on a FRIDAY in Week 1. The reason that’s notable is because the game will mark the first time in 54 years that the NFL has scheduled a Friday matchup during the opening week of the season.

The last time it happened came in 1970 when the Rams beat the Cardinals, 34-13, in a game that was played on a Friday night in Los Angeles.

One reason there’s been such a huge gap between Friday games is because it’s not easy for the NFL to schedule a Friday game during the regular season. As a matter of fact, the only reason it’s happening this year is because the league is taking advantage of a broadcasting loophole.

Under the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961, the NFL isn’t allowed to televise any games on Friday or Saturday from the second weekend in September through the second weekend in December (Those two days have been earmarked for high school and college football). This is why you don’t see any Saturday games on the NFL schedule until late in the season.

But there’s more here and another exception to the rules to explain that first Black Friday game in November, which did not do well in the ratings at all:

If you’re wondering how the NFL was able to play a Black Friday game in 2023, the league also took advantage of a loophole in the broadcasting rules to make that happen. Under the Sports Broadcasting Act, the NFL is ALLOWED to schedule a Friday game as long as a substantial portion of the game is over by 6 p.m. local time, which is why the Dolphins and Jets kicked off at 3 p.m. ET on Black Friday in 2023.

The game will mark just the third time since 2010 that the NFL has held a game on a Friday.


I didn’t know it was a legal requirement. I just thought it was a courtesy to high schools.
I should have known better!
If my school is at home that day, I’ll be there. My school comes before the NFL.


I love doing the scoreboard at my school on a Friday, then turning on a CFL game on satellite radio on my drive home.


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