2024 NFL Offseason

Steelers add some speed at WR . Pittsburgh has agreed to terms with former Eagles receiver Quez Watkins on a one-year, a league source confirmed to The Athletic. Watkins, who goes by the nickname “Fast Batman,” ran a 4.35 40-yard dash at the 2020 combine after an accomplished career at Southern Mississippi

These tackles will now be penalties in the NFL. Crazy!

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It’s not crazy when proper tackling technique could be used.

Quite simply, all the tackler needs to do is wrap up the other player and bring him down WITHOUT swinging or launching his legs into the other player’s lower body.

Some of us who played at lower levels know how to do this and never had to launch into a player to bring him down.

These are pros on defense and definitely know how to tackle, but for occasionally at the pro level a few defensive backs who are perhaps elite coverage guys and speedsters.

Now to your point, I don’t think the calls should be made when there is incidental contact with the legs, but that’s not what this rule is targeting.

It’s the launching and the swinging into the player after he is grasped that is the issue and causes an awful lot of injuries.


So it’s the swinging of your below-hips body into the player you’re trying to bring down, into his legs, deliberately or not, that is being ruled out now? Is that the new infraction?

Yes though I don’t think the emphasis will be on incidental contact at all.

But if the tackler crosses into the legs of the ball carrier, yes, and the tackler can generally control such an antic too as I note above.

You don’t have to launch into a guy after you wrap up to bring him down when you are doing it right.

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I thought the major issue was subsequently falling on the ball carrier’s legs. Did not see that in the video.

“What’s happening on the hip-drop is the defender is encircling tackling the runner and then swinging their weight and falling on the side of their leg, which is their ankle or their knee,” McKay said.


It is hard to see it in real time in that video. On some of the tackles, I also don’t see it at all either.

But one can see on many of the tackles the clear attempt by the tackler to swing a leg between the legs of the ball carrier, and that is now outlawed as is any swinging of the lower body into the ball carrier after the player is grasped for leverage.

One way I think about the outlawed play is that basically now the outlawed motion is the same as the outlawed trip, though the latter is without an attempt at a tackle being made.

Now tackle or not, engage in a tripping motion, it’s a personal foul and 15 yards.

So much like when defensive players had to adjust their aiming point lower on hits to standing ball carriers or receivers over a decade ago, defensive players can adjust here especially if they have the bad habit of a swinging and tripping motion once they lay hands on a player to tackle.


am I the first to post this, or did I miss it somewhere?

NFL owners pass new hybrid kickoff rule at Annual League Meeting

Looking forward to this

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Yes indeed, you are the first I have read here, and I am about to post an article, for the owners today decided, “Screw it, let’s do it anyway!” instead of waiting longer on this front.

New York Giants owner John Mara, son of the deceased co-owner Wellington Mara, who was son of the founder of the team in 1925, Tim Mara, as one of the NFL founding and older guard in the ownership circle, was one of the influential voices in moving this matter along.

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The owners went ahead and bit the bullet today and just did it, including the approval of the new kickoff for a one-year trial.

The vote was 29-3 in favour. Of the three dissenters, the Raiders were not a surprise.


Some more feedback is at hand here on other positive changes in the rules decided today:

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I don’t know why the NFL is electing to have the first ever game in Brazil on streaming only, and as the Eagles are playing I won’t have to worry about awful Peacock because the game will be on local TV here anyway as are all NFL games in home and visitor markets for any game.

Boo this decision, but mercifully this is the only game exclusively on that crappy Peacock in 2024.

The NFL will air its first-ever South American game on Peacock, sending the Philadelphia Eagles to Brazil in a streaming-only matchup set for Friday, Sept. 6. As for which team will play the Eagles overseas, the league is currently deciding between two possibilities, according to Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy: the Packers and the Cleveland Browns.

Murphy told reporters at Tuesday’s owners meetings the decision has yet to be finalized. But league executives indicated earlier Tuesday that the official opponent will be announced within a week. CBS Sports previously identified the Packers as one of the top candidates to travel for the international game, with the Browns as another logical possibility.

The news comes days after Browns defensive lineman Maurice Hurst hinted Cleveland might be the selection, telling an official team media outlet that “we’re playing in Brazil this year.” The Browns did not officially announce this as an NFL-sanctioned decision.


Yes you are. I was going to post it but work intervened hours ago but thanks for posting. The story I was going to post:

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The good news is that in Chicago the CBS affiliate improved their signal so my access to NFL games multiplied. Score!


And I guess I forgot to Google this, for I thought it was just me here who has the same problem with ABC stations on my local TV and only those here in Philadelphia.

Go figure with the 10-year TV old I had little issue, but with the new TV and new antenna, here I am.

My summer project is to find and install a better indoor antenna.

And the only times I watch ABC are for a few NHL games, a few NCAA football games, and Monday Night Football games.


Like 13 conditions to make this new kickoff gimmick work lol… disgusting contrivance!

Keep the free kick in gridiron!

Well, before the CFL starts again, we do have the UFL to see how it still works with kicks from the 20-yard line, with far more returns, though I am still not clear if a fair catch on a kickoff can be called for in the UFL.

Though not common anyway, the fair catch on a kickoff is now outlawed in the NFL in this one-year trial.

@BetweenTheGoalposts do you know on that front for fair catches on kickoffs in the UFL as we gear up to see a whole lot of them?


No fair catches on UFL kickoffs.

I understand the move to the XFL kickoff style for the NFL. I dont hate it + its only for 1 year. I think it will bring a lot of new faces into the league based on their special teams performances alone. The entire special teams KO group will be shuffled.

That being said, I really, really, really, hope that the CFL doesn’t change the kickoff rules. I think we’ll see the XFL style in the CFL in 2024 though.

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Did you mean in 2025 in the CFL? I see no chance of XFL style in the CFL this year nor do I want it anyway at all. I like it the way it is, much as do you and others.


I know its a touch off topic in the NFL thread, but according to Dave Naylor, the two options that the league is looking at are either the XFL style kickoff or letting teams start at the 40 yard line.

I hope they hold off on making changes until the 2025 season.