2024 NFL Offseason

I’m all for getting rid of preseason games but I also don’t like perpetual expansion.
One of the reasons I don’t follow basketball, baseball, or hockey is because their regular seasons are marathons and the playoffs are a second marathon.


I can live with the NFL season just fine as it is along with any shorter preseason.

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As almost always in life, one door closes, and another door opens.

So here is the first of likely other consequences, positive or adverse however one might see the, of the rule change.

I like the strategy at work, but I also have to wonder what other ideas come about given the new kickoff. This is also why wisely the NFL only passed the new kickoff format for a one-year trial.

Maybe this is not the only team that determines they no longer need their kicker to do the kickoffs?

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Considered one of the greatest draft busts of all time, former Raider Jamarcus Russell appears to have gotten his hands caught in the cookie jar. Favrian.


Wow. Probably another case of a guy who blew through his fortune.
In a way, it reminds me of when Kramer got fired from his volunteer business job.
Kramer: Well technically I don’t work here.
Boss: That’s what makes this so difficult.


The sticking point for the Giants was Schoen telling Frank Gore, who has the most rushing yards for a player in his 30s in NFL history, that “the data says that” running backs decline at 27 when Gore asked. Schoen mentioned Barkley had 900 carries at Penn State and six years in the NFL, wanting “bang for your buck.”

Was the data right? Here’s a quick look at running backs’ yards per game and yards per carry numbers before and after they turn 27: [see article for the short list]

Seems harsh…or just a good excuse to cut a player before an expensive contract renewal so as to save money, when in doubt, and given the now record supply of young backs in the pipeline and running-back-by-committee the norm now on NFL offences far heavier on the pass since especially about 2010.

The Giants were amongst the earliest teams to use the committee approach on a run-heavy offence back when they upset the Patriots to win the Super Bowl for the 2007 season.

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The NFL Sunday Ticket verdict, against the NFL now on appeal and possibly all the way to the US Supreme Court, stands as a far bigger financial potential loss to the NFL than reported. The NFL could be out well over US $14 billion before even interest, costs, and legal fees over NINE years of litigation.

It’s a heavy antitrust climate now in the US at long last, but as this is the mighty NFL, who knows.

Many fans like me well know we are not paying hundreds per year for such a product, which is now with the heavy delay on streaming such that it is inferior.

Now offer US-based fans the chance to pick one Sunday game every week via different offerors in various cities, when for example I am not watching the Eagles if they play on Sunday, then I am game.

That missing reality right there is one of the core points of the case. There is no such option via this package, and the NFL even refused such an option via ESPN at one point, which is essentially all-or-nothing from merely ONE offeror, since the 2023 season Google’s YouTube TV with a 30 to 50 second lag to live action!

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Here from the owner Shad Khan in Jacksonville is a point of view that is not unique, though it is telling in its timing.

The great teams all have drafted well historically, if not also have made great trades.


Shad Khan’s commitment to a competitive roster is apparent, but the Jaguars owner made it clear he’s looking to develop and pay in-house players going forward.

“I think there’s a sea change for us – and this is for our coaching, that they have to develop young players,” Khan said last week, via the team’s official website. "Our solution isn’t going to be we’re going to be signing free agents every year. We don’t have the ability. Bottom line is that young talent has to be developed. The coaching, the coaching staff, their priorities have to change. Their mindset has to change. That’s where we’re going to get our future players.

“We cannot have this addiction to free agents.”


The mindset as expressed tells me that for any given player aged about 25 and over, with quarterbacks, kickers, punters, and long snappers the usual notable exceptions, Jacksonville is unlikely to be a good place to go after being cut from another NFL team or coming from the CFL or UFL.

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Various News In The Summer of 2024 About Public Funding for NFL+ Stadiums

Upon approval by the NFL owners in October, NO the Jaguars will not be moving to London, UK in most of our lifetimes. The Jaguars will however continue to play one to even possibly three games per season in London!

  • What about London? The 30-year lease deal with Jacksonville includes a non-relocation provision, and it limits what the Jaguars can do in London. The team will still play there once a year, except when mandated by the league to play in an additional international game. But a regular presence by the team in London that began in 2013 and included two games last year in a league first will now have clear guardrails. For the ’27 season specifically, the Jaguars also have an option to play up to three games there, again due to the construction.

Simply to keep the Panthers in Charlotte required a record amount of public money in the US.

The city council approved $650 million in renovations to Bank of America Stadium in a deal that keeps the Panthers and MLS team Charlotte FC in the city for the next 20 years. The lease extension allows David Tepper, who owns both franchises, to opt out after 15 years and, if he did, he would pay for any remaining debts incurred by the city. (The Panthers pay $1 in annual rent to the city to lease the land that the stadium sits on.)

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Exactly six months to the day after leaving the Patriots, Bill Belichick has landed a new job. The six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach will join “Inside the NFL” for the 2024 season.

Belichick will sit alongside former Pro Bowl safety Ryan Clark, former Pro Bowl wide receiver Chad Johnson and former defensive end Chris Long, who won one of his two Super Bowls while playing for Belichick in New England. “Inside the NFL,” which will be on The CW Network for a second straight season, will make its season debut on Friday, Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

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A very important receiver asking to be traded by the 49’ers. sounds like a whiner to me.

He is ranked as the 10th best receiver in the league by executives, coaches and scouts.

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2024 Patriots Coaching Staff
Jerod Mayo
, Head Coach
DeMarcus Covington , Defensive Coordinator
Jeremy Springer, Special Teams Coordinator
Alex Van Pelt , Offensive Coordinator
Brian Belichick , Safeties
Bob Bicknell , Tight Ends
Vinny DePalma , Defensive Coaching Assistant
Taylor Embree , Running Backs
Dont’a Hightower, Inside Linebackers
Tyler Hughes , Wide Receivers
Keith Jones Jr. , Defensive Coaching Assistant
Robert Kugler , Assistant Offensive Line
Jamael Lett , Defensive Coaching Assistant
Brandon Martuccio , Strength and Conditioning Assistant
Deron Mayo , Head Strength and Conditioning
Ben McAdoo , Senior Offensive Assistant
Michael McCarthy , Offensive Coaching Assistant
T.C. McCartney , Quarterbacks
Brian McDonough , Assistant Strength and Conditioning
Jerry Montgomery , Defensive Line
Mike Pellegrino , Cornerbacks
Scott Peters , Offensive Line
Tom Quinn , Assistant Special Teams
Evan Rothstein , Assistant Quarterbacks
Dexter Taylor , Strength and Conditioning Assistant
Coby Tippett , Special Teams Coaching Assistant
Tiquan Underwood , Assistant Wide Receivers
Drew Wilkins , Outside Linebackers
Omar Young , Offensive Coaching Assistant

I’m a Patriots fan, but find this large a staff compared to the Belichick way kind of ridiculous.

How does a rookie Head Coach ensure everyone is on the same page and not end up sending mixed messages to the players?


This sounds like a great case study for too many cooks, no doubt.

I don’t think it makes sense to have a coaching staff as large as a solid pirate crew, and in the latter case, with that many it better be a large galleon too. Arrrggh.

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This looks like movie credits. Who’s the best boy? Who’s the dolly grip?
(Answer: the best boy gets to be the dolly grip :smirk:)