2024 NFL Offseason

Nice initiative by John Harbaugh.


And I like this Belichick/Parcells anecdote:

The former New England Patriots head coach brought up his time as the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants in the 1980s and told coach Bill Parcells that All-Pro linebacker Lawrence Taylor was 15 minutes late for a meeting. Parcells responded, “Why did you start the meeting before he got there?”


Or that he represents all or even most Catholics and more specifically Roman Catholics, which he does not in modern times.

Let’s not overlook that particularly in the suburbs of Kansas City, many of those buying up his jerseys, defending Butker, and seizing upon the opportunity are either Protestant or non-religious far right, for it’s what many of them do.


By law in the US as already noted above, the rights of free speech are broader than you lay out here and as many people misunderstand, including in the US most Americans and residents in my opinion.

As detestable as are some opinions like Butker’s and far worse in my opinion many others of many of those buying his jersey now, they are protected free speech.

One line that cannot be crossed by law, and could invoke criminal charges, is advocacy for or incitement of violence or PHYSICAL harm towards others.

Merely offending others or wishing harm upon them in general terms is still protected free speech, though let’s note the latter is often a slippery slope.

In addition, if one publicly defames others or engages in slander or libel with statements, one can be sued civilly yet even then it is not a crime.

I would also note that public figures have less protection with regards to defamation, such as a pro athlete, as in when one proclaims or writes publicly for Butker something like, “Man, what an (expletive!)”
as opposed to somebody doing so about him when at work or with another coworker on private grounds or in the service of an employer (an employer can set house rules).

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Here’s an interesting looming consequence of the new rule that bans “hip-drop” tackles, or “swinging tackle” as I call it, via simply grabbing onto a ball carrier and swinging low into his legs instead of grabbing or wrapping him and pulling him to ground like in a good tackle.


Luckily for Andrews, the NFL is trying to help him and many other ballcarriers by banning the hip drop tackle – the same tackle that caused his injury in 2023 – much to the chagrin of some former players.

Andrews understandably believes it’s for the best.

“I think it’s just sometimes part of the game. I’m always an advocate for making the game safer,” he said on Tuesday. “[When] you look at the last maybe five years, there’s been a lot of big injuries with that. So, just bringing the awareness to that type of tackle I think is good. Keeping guys healthy is going to be great. Taking that tackle out of the game is not a bad thing, I don’t think. I think the defenses can find a way to get around that.”


One of the greatest and my favourite and perhaps the GOAT has passed at a very young age, although not unusual for a large O Lineman.

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Big bucks punter dropped from Washington roster after allegations of sexual assault and a filed civil suit.


Man, WAY too young. :pensive:


It’s making me crazy as a Patriots fan to see what is happening with my team.

They dumped Belichick mainly because of his player personnel failures, the o-line in particular last season. They then hire HC & GM wunderkinds to supposedly start a new Patriot era. They do draft a potential elite QB, yet like their predecessor basically ignore the o-line.

Whether it is Brissett to start the season or Maye down the road, they will both be under constant fire. And hopefully it does not burn Maye.



June 4 (Reuters) - The National Football League and subscribers to its “Sunday Ticket” televised game package are headed to trial on Wednesday in a Los Angeles courtroom, where jurors will decide if the NFL broke antitrust law and should pay billions of dollars in damages.

The subscribers claim the NFL used agreements with broadcast partners to keep a stranglehold over distribution, allowing DirecTV to charge artificially higher prices as the sole Sunday Ticket distributor for out-of-market games.

This is an old case that was dismissed only to be reinstated by an Appeals Court in 2019.

Most remarkable is that is now going to trial by jury!

The result would seem to have broad impact in all media rights for pro sports leagues in the US.

If the Plaintiffs win against the NFL, at minimum I think we will always see a certain number of games on free TV like always, which has always been the NFL’s desire and is the case even with games in the local market of the teams that are otherwise not on free TV; however, in the current climate akin to the NBA and NHL and with all the more Amazon and Netflix money floating around for sports rights, I am greatly concerned that also that reality will change in the next decade.

In addition, I figure we are heading to a broad distribution of media rights for all games anyway instead of aggregation of many games under one service such as what is now the NFL on YouTube TV for the NFL Sunday Ticket for out of market games.

YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket obtained record subscribers compared to the prior offeror, DirecTV.

Personally I have no idea why anybody would pay for a service with very long lags between the live action and the video feed on a streaming subscription, which is normally but a few seconds via free TV or cable TV.


There are many twists and turns in the details associated with the implications of this NFL Sunday Ticket case here, but bottom line with developments beyond any ruling, I think for 2025 in the US we are headed for a wider variation of media covering NFL games that are otherwise not those in local markets on free TV.

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The 24-year-old claimed the 2020 Summer Olympic gold medal, and was also a three-time age-group world champion. In [free]style, Steveson was a two-time Dan Hodge Trophy winner, a two-time NCAA Division I national champion, and a three-time All-American out of the University of Minnesota.

Steveson is reportedly seeking the assistance of All Pro defensive end Von Miller. In fact, the collegiate wrestling champion is hoping to absorb much of the eight-time pro bowler’s wisdom and counsel as soon as possible.

“His locker is right next to mine, and right when we signed him he texted me like, ‘I’m going to be on your hip, my locker is right next to yours,’” Miller told reporters earlier this week. “I told him, ‘Alright, it’s cool.’ But it didn’t really hit me until we’re in there talking to him and he’s just now playing football, learning some of the stuff that we did when we were kids. He has to be on an accelerated learning path, which he’s capable of doing.”

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As more than I had figured, and as he does a lot with even less, Tomlin is going nowhere any time soon and remaining in Pittsburgh:

“Mike Tomlin’s leadership and commitment to the Steelers have been pivotal to our success during his first 17 years as head coach,” Steelers President Art Rooney II said in a statement. “Extending his contract for three more years reflects our confidence in his ability to guide the team back to winning playoff games and championships, while continuing our tradition of success.”

Tomlin coached the Steelers to a Super Bowl XLIII victory in 2009, when he became the youngest NFL head coach to win a Super Bowl at the time. He is 173-100-2 as Pittsburgh’s lead man, and famously has never registered a losing season in 17 straight years, which is an NFL record.


The Steelers: three head coaches since 1969.


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Falcons penalized for tampering. For some reason the Eagles not penalized for what appears to be the same actions.

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Here you go for the explanation, for the league determined that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate the charge.

The league didn’t penalize the Philadelphia Eagles for having impermissible contact with running back Saquon Barkley, saying its investigation “did not discover sufficient evidence to support a finding that the anti-tampering policy was violated."

But the Eagles are not out of the woods on this matter:

“As with every review, should new evidence be uncovered, the league may reopen the investigation,” the NFL’s statement said.

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I considered it a difference without a distinction.

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An interesting look at what is prohibited off field activity in many NFL contracts.


More discussion on moving to an 18 game season including Goodell advocating for same on the McAdoodle show.

I’m fully in support as there is no doubt now in either league that pre season games are meaningless, including an outright gouge of season ticket holders.

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