2024 NFL Offseason

You raise a great point here.

The discussion on the streaming front for live sports in the US has become even more interesting now given the announcement today of a new streaming venture by Fox, Disney, and Warners Brothers Discovery, which will include access to major league and other popular live sports.

It’s not clear whether the new app will launch before the 2024 NFL season starts, such that access to games on Fox and via ESPN+ would be at hand via a single app, but the launch is not going to happen in 7 weeks in time for the start of 2024 UFL season on Fox and on ABC and ESPN.

The reason this news is relevant also to the CFL is that now the CFL either has to continue going it alone via CFL+ for streaming in the US, and/or the CFL has to formalize a bigger deal with Paramount / CBS to use Paramount+. Comcast / Peacock have already expressed no further interest in airing any other football league than the NFL.

It’s also noteworthy for sake of season overlap of the CFL in June with the UFL 4.0, merely the very last regular season game for the UFL 4.0 is in the evening, as could be perhaps two of the three postseason games. Any overlap would be minimal with the UFL 4.0, so no worries there.