2024 NFL Offseason

I hear you here.

As I have Netflix now because it’s free, I would only for that reason.

I do not see myself ever signing up for some streaming service again just to watch a sport, except perhaps the CFL if it were a convenient offering…

Then again who knows as the NFL continues to shop its media rights. I also don’t see the NFL touching their prosperous slate on Sundays on free TV.

FWIW as the lone exception so far, for mostly UEFA Champions League and Serie A, I won’t continue with Paramount+ past the end of my subscription in February 2025, unless perhaps they rebrand and throw in a whole lot more or offer me a deal to keep me as a subscriber.

Pirate Sports Network has been rather good of late like usual, but we’ve taken on a lot of storms and heavy water lately. But we must and shall prevail on the high seas. Arrrggh.