2024 NFL Offseason

I’m going to add some information and also cross-post here, for Claypool is an example of a player with NFL talent who, now going on his fifth year and only 26 this summer, teams are making a judgement call given what he would be due for the NFL minimum in his 5th year versus all the rising starts who are younger and sometimes cheaper as the WR5 or WR6.

Here are Claypool’s NFL stats, which held up until the 2023 season:

Claypool, listed at 6-4 238, is a quite large wide receiver.

As a wide receiver in the NFL, Chicago is not a place one would have high on the list, and Claypool was there for a few games in 2022 and in 2023.

Claypool did well in Pittsburgh in 2022, despite their quarterback issues since Roethlisberger retired.

It’s too bad something more could not be made of his situation in Miami in 2023, where I don’t think Tua is a very strong quarterback either.

And so here we are at a crossroads for Claypool. It’s either another NFL shot and cracking a roster so as to actually be targeted again like in 2022, or it’s off to the CFL if he actually wants to play pro football.