2024 NFL Offseason

Hello all NFL fans.

It’s only February 2024 a few days before the Super Bowl for the 2023 season, but the preparations are already at hand for the 2024 NFL season with play to begin in early September 2024.

The 2024 NFL opening weekend will be unlike ever before.

There will be a Thursday night opening game plus there is a new Friday night game before what most NFL fans regard as the real opening day on Sunday.

The new Friday night game will also be the first NFL game ever played in Brazil. Yes, you read that right.

I guess this game in Brazil counts as a home game for the Eagles, which is a fact that I would think normally would make the locals VERY ANGRY, but maybe this is the biennial season for the Eagles and 15 other teams with 9 scheduled home games anyway.

The usual 8 home games would still be at hand if that is the case, so most fans here in Philadelphia perhaps would not notice anyway.


Hope it’s not on the same night as a game on CFL+

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You raise a great point here.

The discussion on the streaming front for live sports in the US has become even more interesting now given the announcement today of a new streaming venture by Fox, Disney, and Warners Brothers Discovery, which will include access to major league and other popular live sports.

It’s not clear whether the new app will launch before the 2024 NFL season starts, such that access to games on Fox and via ESPN+ would be at hand via a single app, but the launch is not going to happen in 7 weeks in time for the start of 2024 UFL season on Fox and on ABC and ESPN.

The reason this news is relevant also to the CFL is that now the CFL either has to continue going it alone via CFL+ for streaming in the US, and/or the CFL has to formalize a bigger deal with Paramount / CBS to use Paramount+. Comcast / Peacock have already expressed no further interest in airing any other football league than the NFL.

It’s also noteworthy for sake of season overlap of the CFL in June with the UFL 4.0, merely the very last regular season game for the UFL 4.0 is in the evening, as could be perhaps two of the three postseason games. Any overlap would be minimal with the UFL 4.0, so no worries there.


The league has also confirmed the first regular season NFL game ever to be held in Spain, to be held in 2025. In addition to Brazil as Paolo mentioned above, other 2024 regular seasons games overseas will be held in London and Germany, as has become the norm. The NFL will return to Mexico City in 2026 and also hold their first game in France soon, although I am still seeking to confirm that with Conehead Dan Ackroyd, who is from France. As Yoda might say to Toronto, “on the radar, you are not”.


No shocker here with the selection of Amazon Prime to replace Comcast / NBC 's Peacock

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Joe Flacco is Comeback Player of the Year . Not bad for an old guy :laughing:


As the subject of roster turnover and the draft will be coming up more for all gridiron football leagues, here’s a clip I watched a few weeks ago from the source himself on his story from #2 draft pick to NFL bust to prison to back on his feet in life.

This video is almost two years old now, but it is most certainly one that flew under the radar. This is an example of when the flawed YouTube algorithm actually does work on occasion. It’s a great story told by Ryan Leaf himself that is worth the listen.

We are at the dawn of sweeping change not only in NCAA athletics, but also in the process of draft or selection of new players, of which the spring league already provides perhaps 5% of the players, who indeed do all have valuable actual pro football experience, even after only two seasons for each of them uniting as one:

As discussed at length in the spring league threads, teams simply don’t want any more high dollar busts via a process that was quite antiquated between college pro days, workouts, the NFL Scouting Combine, and the NFL draft.

As Leaf reflects, the heavy warning signs of high risk were there EARLY and missed by the experts. Much has been learned since, but it’s not via the same old process any more by a long shot as much as the NFL Draft is hyped and so forth in the off-season.

wake me up when sept comes

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Mission understood.

Given permission from his all-powerful girl friend… Travis Kelce will come to your door and belt out the phrase, “VIVA LAS VEGAS!” three times at the top of his lungs on the first day of September to awaken you. If you’re still sleeping after that we’ll assume that you’re in a coma and then help ourselves to the contents of your beer fridge.


and you will be oh so disappointed. :slight_smile:


And his brother Jason will be with him too I figure, and for his trouble they’ll leave him one can of Chunky soup.

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Niners fire defensive coordinator Wilks


For some reason the 49’ers have pinned the goat horns for losing on Sunday on their defensive coordinator.

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Who knows. Maybe he does not get along with Shanahan or the other coaches any more after doing a great job?

This feels a lot like slamming the barn door shut after the horses have left.

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As the rumour mill turns for Russell Wilson and Justin Fields …

I buy the Steelers rumour for Wilson, for he’s an excellent fit there for how they prefer to run their offense.

And Fields in Atlanta could work out better for him though I have no inclination here, though I would be surprised otherwise to see Fields with the Steelers after his general failure in Chicago.


A pretty significant rise in the salary cap reported today. Someone is making money!

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not that it matters much, but shouldnt this really be considered more of an OFF Season topic?

Anyhow, still watching recorded games to get a once in a while NFL fix

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Ah well it’s simply a thread in the run-up to the new season and for during the season between games.

Until around August, the news should be sporadic until some major trades are made plus any changes in rules.

I’ve also started a separate rules thread for any in depth discussions of changes in rules that could come up.

Hear some good NFL news that is not all over the internet already? Please do share with the class!

Notice the CFL football