2024 - NFL Divisional Round Jan. 20, 21 Game Day Thread

Inch closer to the Big Dance is the Divisional Playoff Round featuring 2 games on Saturday Baltimore vs Houston and San Francisco vs Green Bay. On Sunday two games featuring Detroit vs Tampa Bay - Buffalo vs Kansas City.
Cheers to all Football fans across the globe.


Historically this is the best football weekend of the year and hopefully that will hold true. Partisanship aside, this past weekend had an unusual amount of one sided games with only the Rams and Lions being a battle till the end. Hopefully that will change this weekend although Saturday’s games have the potential to be one sided. It happens. None of the CFL playoff games were competitive this year either prior to the Grey Cup. Maybe we will just have a doozy of a Super Bowl, although I’m betting we will have another one or two great close games before then.


I have gotten to reading this guy’s take on the issues of the week. He is usually bang on in spotting the issues. I usually agree with most, but not all, of his opinions. Always an interesting read.

My read here is also not a unique approach by a defense facing a new quarterback by any means, but the 49ers’ defense will simply try to make Jordan Love move and have to throw on the run as opposed to from comfortably in the pocket, like in much of the game against the Cowboys:

The Cowboys certainly did not make Love uncomfortable at all last weekend, with the quarterback completing 16 of 21 passes for 272 yards and three touchdowns. Dallas pressured him just once Sunday, despite employing one of the best pass rushes in the NFL during the regular season.

Some interesting numbers and/or records broken during wildcard week, especially by rookies.

Weather in Baltimore is around 26 degrees Fahrenheit and windy. Hope for a hard fought game in about 45 minutes or so.


I hope everyone enjoys the game.

I’m currently at the emergency vet where Mimosa is racking up a 2000$ bill because he’s been throwing up too often the past 24hours.

On a side note, does anyone know if these games are on AM radio? I might be making a 6+ hour drive to an emergency vet if no one in my town has an ultrasound for him


Oh suck! So sorry to hear that. :disappointed:

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Had a look for you and for sure the game is on Tune In Radio. Link below.


I personally use Simple Radio which can get you any station in North America. Both are free but you will need to download the app.


Hopefully you will not need to make the drive and Mimosa will be alright.

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3-0 Ravens on a long FG

Chanelling all my love for Mimosa :+1:
Went thru similar with my Rico
He’s fine now


Went through something similar about 10 years ago with Mr. Orange (cat). Some $2700 later he succumbed to a variety of ailments. Be wary of those vets. I would trust the guy selling watches pinned to the inside of his trenchcoat on the street more than some vets. Anyways good luck and best wishes to @BetweenTheGoalposts and Mimosa.


Days like today make me glad I set up my Squeezecox music player with the ticker for sports.
Get to watch football and keep track of NHL Scores…

Stroud and the offence making too many procedural mistakes right now…


It looks like me like perhaps you could start a “Home Entertainment Centre” off-season thread in February.

I approve of your message.

Baltimore’s speed on defence is really impressive. Crowd noise causing Houston all kinds of problems.


Houston ties it at 3 with a 50 yard field goal. First quarter almost over.

Houston’s offence struggling with the crowd noise with two false starts and one delay of game penalty already.


Lamar Jackson this Lamar Jackson that blah blah blah - stop it ABC!

Show up now today Lamar with more POINTS for your Ravens, or you’ll be shipping out early with that crab boat from Baltimore Harbor!

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You must not like Lamar for some reason Paolo. He just had about a 30 yard run and will almost certainly win the league MVP this year.

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For all the hype, 3 points in the first quarter is not showy. And YOU are over the moon already now?

Like I said, show up with some points today, right now would be good, or enough already. Stats are not wins.

Usually it’s not all crowd noise. A lot of that is on the coaching staff. Getting plays in late and presnap motion makes it tough for your rookie QB.

Get the plays in quick ans simplify…