2024 - NFL AFC/NFC Championship Jan. 28 Game Day Thread

The last weekend before Super Bowl LVIII has arrived. Two Championship games this coming Sunday are yet to be decided - Baltimore vs Kansas City and San Francisco vs Detroit. Cheers to all fans abroad.


Interesting news, though not surprising given the Lions’ tight end LaPorta has been ailing from injury for some time now

Some historical numbers for the Lions and 49’ers.

Nice story here for those of us that love cats and love football:


The currunt odds from Draftkings Sportsbook

Baltimore -4 vs Kansas City
San Francisco -7 vs Detroit

ESPN game previews.

I doubt it will happen, but hoping for a Chiefs-Lions Superbowl


Weather Forecast For Today’s Games


As I figured earlier this week with the forecast, I think heavy rain and wind favours Baltimore in their own house all the more.

Rain. Patchy fog before 8am. High near 48 (9C). East wind 10 to 13 mph becoming north in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible (1.5cm).


Santa Clara, CA for 49ers

Partly sunny, with a high near 73 (23C). Light and variable wind.

That’s some unseasonably warm weather! The temperature will drop to 10C during the game, but no matter that’s like playing in the perfect football weather of late September!

Detroit has played indoors for most of its games, so these great conditions would give the Lions a wee more of a shot outdoors as opposed to in the wind and rain like in Baltimore on Sunday (and here in Philadelphia already overnight)


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Game starts in one hour.

Link to how the Pool field views the potential outcomes below.


Here’s how the questionable players injury wise panned out for the first game and who is in and who is out:


Also Deebo Samuel apparently 100 %. Nothing to see there.


Well no question there, nice drive, beautiful catch by Kelcy.

Mahomes slinging it right on target out of the gate today…

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All tied up now

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Oh my, Ravens answer back with a TD of their own. Game tied 7-7

And that’s the way the 1st quarter ends with KC driving.

Wondering if these two excellent defenses will be able to stop the other offense? Not so far.

Also wondering if there has ever been a playoff game with two better scrambling QB’s?

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Mahomes had all day back there.


Yeah, he could have even run for it. His only incompletion so far was dropped.

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KC is so much better at smash mouth run it up the gut football this year than in years past.

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And Pacheco huge for that. For most of the week it was very questionable whether he would be able to play.

Lamar way too casual there I thought. First turnover and potential game changing play.

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Good contain on Lamar and KC gets a turnover.