2024 Major League Baseball

Yup. no matter how good the pitcher - you know what his game plan is by the third time you see him in a game and you should adjust to what he’s doing.
The Jays seem (with the exception of Turner) to be unable to do that.

This is classic!

Bring back Rod Black for the CFL I say! Just for one season!

Now I have a question from that clip. What’s going on with his hair?

That looks like a serious starter mullet. I would know, for I had one too four years ago in 2020 when I could not get my hair cut for three months at the start of that damn pandemic.

Now imagine this, Rod Black back on TSN calling CFL games, but with a mullet?

Why not just for the summer!?

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So the Jays set aside all this money to sign Ohtani . $ 70 million a year was the final price for the Dodgers . What happened to the Jays money saved ? They didn’t spend it on hitters . The Jays are playing Money Ball like Oakland or Pittsburgh and yet they are not financially challenged .
This points to Shapiro and Atkins . They need to go, along with Schneider the field manager . His love affair with Biggio and Jansen makes no sense .

Great story whether, as many see it I’m sure here, Rod Black and his CFL “analysis” wasn’t their cup of tea. You go Rod, you go! He’s a good man I say regardless.

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Kikuchi takes a 3 - 1 lead to the 7th inning and the pen gives up 8 runs total in the 7th and 8th . No hitters in the lineup AGAIN . The Washington Nationals are not a very good team but they’re good enough to throttle the Jays .

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Yup - and they get the Phillies tonight. And its pretty much over in the 4th. Berrios allows only 8 runs in 4 innings…


LOS ANGELES, May 8 (Reuters) - Japanese baseball great Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges he fraudulently wired nearly $17 million stolen from the athlete’s bank account to pay off his own gambling debts, court records showed on Wednesday.

The plea agreement between federal prosecutors and Ippei Mizuhara, the onetime translator and de facto manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ power-hitting pitcher, was announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in L.A., where the case was first brought last month.


Jekyll and Hyde…The Blue Jays who yesterday looked inept, today looked pretty good.
They fielded well,
Bassitt was outstanding on the mound.
They hit the ball today. “small ball” yes but effective.
The best base running of the season - no question.

We will see what the next game brings…

This week’s power rankings:

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Just stumbled across this. I was not aware that MLB this year will debut uniforms for every team meant to honour their hometown. Some pretty cool pictures of those uniforms in the article. I can’t recall any other sport doing this.

San Diego’s uniforms are crazy ugly. They must think that the Haight-Ashbury intersection is in San Diego rather than San Francisco/

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Actually I was originally going to post the link to the article below and got sidetracked. This Paul Skenes guy that will be starting his first game ever this Saturday against the Cubs, wasn’t even on my radar. Apparently he is considered to be the best pitching prospect to come along in a generation. The article is long but very interesting, at least to this Pirates fan. Skenes didn’t even pitch much until 2021. He was an all star hitter and for awhile another Ohtani, which he still could be- something I thought I would never see again in my lifetime. He originally only had 2 pitches but is now up to 5 and is only the second pitcher to throw a “splinker”, which he does at 97 mph. Hos fastball is north of 100 mph and he strikes out about 2 hitters for every inning pitched. the young man just finished destroying Triple A hitters. He is apparently extremely self aware and has been lauded for his acceptance of constructive criticism and willingness to learn and adapt. Sounds can’t miss to me barring injury. the article reads much like the infamous April Fool’s joke by SI in the 80’s on the upcoming pitching phenom Sidd Finch. But Skenes is for real. Perhaps the next all time great athlete in any sport.


Following up on the most anticipated MLB pitching debut in decades tomorrow by Paul Skenes of the Pirates, it seems that his girlfriend is also making quite a splash. The supermodel looking gymnast Olivia Dunne is also a social media sensation whose Tik Tok post about her boyfriend’s debut has already been viewed over 8 million times.

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Wow. When the Jays went down 8-3 in the fourth I figured it was all over. Richards comes in and shuts the Twins down in the 5th and 6th while almost magically the Toronto bats came to life and tied it up.
And continued on with a couple more runs on a bunch of hits in the 7th for a 10-8 win.

…and for a change, Gausman gets the win on probably his worst outing of the year…

The Jays are just not good enough . Today the broadcasters heaped praise on Manoah even after he gave up a 3 run homer in the 7th . Simply , the Jays can’t hit . They play 3 games against the Orioles next . The results are predictable .

Please allow me to offer some more context here as not included by the author Eric Fisher.

Comcast has a vested competitive interest in making things difficult for Diamond Sports Group, for Comcast owns the regional NBC Sports Networks such as here in Philadelphia.

I figure Comcast would love to pick up wherever DSG fails and pitch coverage on a local NBC channel or that stupid Peacock app or via a new regional sports network.

MLB should be leaning on Comcast here and not on DSG, for with the latter, MLB is simply trying to extract blood from a stone.

Alternatively, with DSG out of the way, MLB also has a vested interest to re-shop the associated local rights to the games in the several affected markets with DSG’s Bally Sports regional sports networks.

It looks again like a case in which it is all too easy for those with money and means to gang up on those without means, which in court is justifiable for the sake of this bankruptcy case, but otherwise picking on DSG for sake of failed access to the games in local markets is counterproductive to a solution by those with the stronger means.

It’s also of note that MLB has had more than a year to figure this out already after the first troubles of such cord cutting began to show all the more after the 2022 season, so if they believe DSG is slow at the wheel, MLB has to look in the mirror.

By contrast in my opinion, the NBA and NHL have been more slightly more proactive in light of the business fact of cord cutting and massive failure of regional sports networks after initial delays in early 2023.

With a little more than a month to go before Diamond Sports Group attempts to get legal confirmation of its bankruptcy reorganization plan, the company’s distribution dispute with Comcast is now taking a much more public and angry turn.

Less than a week after the end of a prior DSG-Comcast carriage agreement and resulting blackout of those channels to consumers, the Bally Sports parent went on the offensive by issuing a lengthy statement and open letter to fans, all aimed at pointing blame at the No. 2 U.S. cable carrier.

“[Comcast’s] Xfinity hasn’t been willing to engage in meaningful discussions, nor will they put the channels back on while we continue to work through this,” DSG’s letter read in part.

If there was any question about the animosity MLB has for Diamond Sports Group, that has now been emphatically made clear.

As the bankrupt Bally Sports parent continues its efforts to reorganize, the league bashed the company in a new filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, saying an ongoing carriage battle between DSG and Comcast heightens the chances of a future liquidation.

“It is highly likely that the loss of carriage of the debtors’ broadcasts by Comcast, and the resulting loss of licensing fees from Comcast, will render the [reorganization] plan unconformable, thereby wasting time and estate resources to the detriment of MLB, the signatory clubs, and other interested parties,” MLB said.

The league went on to say that “the debtors should not be permitted to stumble through the restructuring process,” and that “the debtors once again face a very high risk that they will not emerge from these Chapter 11 cases as a going concern.” DSG generates the vast majority of its revenue from distributors such as Comcast.

The Comcast-DSG dispute, which has already grown more tense, remains at a stalemate with no recent movement in talks. MLB called the ongoing blackout of several of its teams carried on Bally Sports regional sports networks “profoundly harmful.”

I didn’t understand why they let him stay in so long on only his second big league start of the season.

Jays get out of Baltimore 1-1. Two really good games. Just too bad about the walk off in the 9th today.

The Jays don’t have enough big league hitters . Vogelbach , Biggio , and Jansen are empty uniforms . Spend some money and get a major league bat or two . I’m tired of the excuses that Vogelbach is a great guy in the room . The game is played on the field . Buck and Dan are cheer leaders . It would be nice if they told it like it is !

The first two yes. Especially the Designated Non Hitter Vogelbach.

But Jansen? He has the same number of hits as the best on the team - and has played what 20 less games?

Jansen is one of the Brittle Brothers . He’s more injured than available . He and Biggio are Schneider pals from way back .