2024 Elks Season

Sure looks like they will do that. All the kickers seemed to do OK yesterday - except Faithful. Too bad, his is kind of a Cinderella story…

I am surpried though that Cobb needed to play as much as he did yesterday. He was 6/6.

So was Mayala - whether or not that continues is the question. Seems he earns a job in camp and loses it on the field every year. Alexander was 3/3 and looked good doing it. Travis Rudolph seemed to be the only guy to have multiple targets and not make a catch.
It was nice to see a catch for Brown too. I think he has been underused catching out of the backfield.

Julien surprised me uncorking a 56 yarder and had two punts for 104 yards. As good, we had some nice ST covers on those punts.

Elks just need to stop with the dropsies and they should be OK.


"Defensive line coach Nate O’Neal has been busy preaching technique the group, but he’s been joined by a pair of EE legends in Odell Willis and Almondo Sewell that have been guest coaching throughout camp. "

Ah-ha…I wonder how long before one of those guys is an official coach?

Still - D - line play was definitely not a weak spot on Saturday. Elliot Brown was particularly good on the field side DE position. There were a few points in the game where McKnight was playing at tackle beside him and the Riders O-line had a ton of trouble trying to slow them down.
When I saw we signed McKnight (unsigned by Calgary after last season) I was a little excited because what I had seen of him, he looked like a guy who went hard from the snap to the whistle. So far he looks pretty good…


Alright, let’s move this along with the final cuts already.

And let’s go sign a few more who were cut already today.


Just a thought… Will the league reschedule the Elks opener next Saturday if the Oilers are playing game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals at the same time? Certainly TSN realizes they’d be killed in the ratings going head to head and there would likely be few fans in attendance. Perhaps a 2:00PM start time makes sense.


…thats what PVR’s are for…

Well that’s it for the Faithfull adventure. He’s been bounced and is not coming back.

They released three quarterbacks and retained zero for the practice roster, so maybe they are out recruiting yet another one.

I don’t recommend they go with Spitshine Mahoney once the Patriots cut him or with Bojack Jenkins,or Joe Pesci. Let the NFL waste time screwing up with them.

But you know something? There’s something special in that Chad Powers. Now nobody is sure if he’s quite pro material now, but damn, how about just having him around to help out with training, including from what I hear lately quite the magic act with the football?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of the mop cut, but I bet he brings that back for a short while too.

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I’m thinking more about the economic implications for the Elks who normally would have a big gate both being the home opener and playing the Riders. But also for the league and TSN which will lose out due to poor ratings and could potentially trigger discounted overall ad rates moving forward.

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Yes but the pvr is “watching” the game too, same as if you had 2 tv’s…

I’m sure that will be the case for a few diehards… The weekend TV numbers usually come out on Tuesdays, It’ll be interesting to see where this game lands. Regular season CFL average viewer ratings in 2023 were right around 500K… my guess it’ll be less than 100K if they go up against the Oilers.

Maybe not

Additionally, the Elks have signed Americans Jermaine Brown Jr. (RB), Reynard Ellis (LB), Arkell Smith (WR) and Global Dean Faithfull (K) to the practice roster.


Yosemite Sam GIFS

I’m going to study some film and break it down some more for anything more I can see, but damnit, way to poop the bed at home again!

Due to the time of the game, I had to miss it like most any game on Saturday before almost dark.

With a Friday night game, there will be no schedule conflict with the Oilers this time!

Your impressions, including beyond the fourth quarter meltdown?


Beyond the meltdown?
Defence - Shut down Riders run game, inside and out. :+1:
- Weak side Halfback and DB soiled the sheets multiple times. The safety appears to know what he’s doing but I’m not so sure. :-1:
- D-Line never missed a beat. They were chasing Harris most of the game. :+1:

Offence - Never took advantage of the Riders cheating to run stop. :-1:
- Only hit a couple receivers in stride. :-1:
- Kept throwing wide out and outside screens despite not gaining yards on them all day. :-1:
- Run game - stuffed. Not RB’s fault. Timing was so bad riders line had time to stroll into the backfield and a choice of whether to hit MBT or Brown - or just knock the ball loose… :-1:
- Dropped passes - one hit Gittens right in the numbers. :-1:

ST Need to do what barker said - don’t block anybody. stop taking penalties every single return…took points off the board and short fields away from the offence. :-1: :-1: :-1:


Watching the highlights, indeed that was “the one that got away.”

Now to win the next two and go from there.

Wow for the first game, I think both MBT and Harris looked sharp.

Imagine their stats without those drops?

They both have great touch on the ball on the long passes as well.


Wow do we have more work cut out for us than I had thought.

For me the jury is out now on MBT.

And wow is that defence a mess.

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Als fan, I come in peace. :slight_smile:

While I agree to some extent on MBT – he should never have thrown either of those interceptions – I think the defence tightened up in the second half and played well enough to win. The offence, besides the two interceptions, also turned the ball over on downs on what looked like a botched blocking assignment – I’ve never seen a DT shoot the gap on that type of play, untouched, something must have gone wrong. And then the Mitchell drop.

Also, your team played hard and physical football all the way to the end. Had Purifoy been able to recover that excellent onside kick, you could well have tied up the game and who knows what would have happened in OT? I guarantee you Cole Spieker is not looking forward to playing Edmonton again.

I think Edmonton is going to be a good team this year. They just need to stop shooting themselves in the foot and get those first wins soon. Doing so will give them the confidence they need.


I will go with needs work. There were two big time obvious holds that sprung Fletcher that were not called. The one on the second one was so bad they kept replaying a weird angle where you couldn’t see it.

MBT is good but still has a tendency to throw when he shouldn’t. Apart from that what concerns me most is that - those int’s took points off the board. If you make it to the level he has you should know when to throw it away, take the field goal and move on.
6 more points would have been a win…


Gotta cross post this because I agree. In NFL terms, last nights game was like the Carolina vs KC.

But the Elks were in it all the way to the last whistle.

Where as you say, last week vs the “runners up” in last years Grey Cup the results was never in doubt.


I didn’t notice them but I’ll rewatch the plays. I’ll say that Edmonton got away with some pretty obvious holds and PI at times in the game so in the end it balances out.

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I always thought the “but for that penalty” argument was petty at best. There are always about 6 plays that determine the game and how does that Dire Straits song go…Some days your the windshield…some days your the bug…


It’s hard when it’s your team but looking at them objectively, as a Bombers fan, they’re better than you think. Hard fought game against a solid team.