2024 Elks Season

We might as well start the thread for the 2024 season.

Preseason games start in late May, so camp is only about three months away I figure.

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Already have my tickets to the season opener. I am looking forward to the first pre season game.


We renewed before I left for Mexico in December, back for my 36th year. Hope to have a better season this year. Dunbar’s release was an unexpected surprise.

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Corny was a bust in Edmonton, however, he may fit in somewhere in the league.

500,000 on an aging, immobile quarterback who hasn’t played in Canada in over a year instead of a functioning defense is peak Chris Jones player management

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The 500,000 is with incentives, they may not all be personal ones, like if the team makes the playoffs, wins the west, things like that. I think if MBT can be a good mentor for Ford and help him refine his skills then it will be money well spent and will benefit the team for years to come.

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I’d rather start with Ford and let him go at it first then have MBT for backup duty with the third quarterback or Ford of course for Team Jumbo plays.

What sticks out like a sore thumb to me is - the deal with MTB is one season. An OC and QB Coach can’t teach you what its like on field as well as a veteran QB.

What is also obvious to me is, despite his abilities, when teams stopped Ford from running, most of his yardage was broken and desperation plays.

Yes he’s learning but like the two QB system Hamilton went to he can learn a lot more quickly with a veteran QB helping him. Hamiltion finally realized they were going round in circles going this guy that guy and not taking a guy with talent and developing it. I would bet they play BLM as a starter and Schiltz gets more and more playing time this season…

I think I said it in another thread but look at Green Bay and Love, 4 years behind a great QB learning and first year as starter he starts putting it a;ll together takes the team to the playoffs…

Edmonton was the class of the league for years developing QB’s. Wilkenson to Moon. to Ham to Allen to Dunnigan…they were good because they learned from the guy in front of them, and when they got to play they were ready to lead the team.


Well with TWO seasons now away from the CFL, we’ll see if MBT still has it in him or not at game speed.

EDIT 11 January 2024:
It was only ONE season - my mistake I lost count, for it had sure seemed like longer!

Here comes the guilty pleasure some of us have in this situation.

Either we see MBT rise to the occasion and perform despite the long time away from the CFL and not playing at the same game speed, or
we see MBT move and flutter about like a stork on the field only to be pummeled to the ground by a bunch of bears and wolves.

In the latter case, at least we could have Tre Ford enter and carry on as they carry the sadly wounded stork off the field.

Now I don’t want anybody hurt of course, but as I point out is I believe to be a MORE likely possibility for a quarterback away from the CFL game and speed for two seasons.

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And I remain not high on the stork who can still throw, who will get his chance early given the money at hand, which I also do not feel MBT deserves now either.

There are those who feel MBT is a solid and good move. No way.

This is a risk we don’t need now, but in favour of their optimism for MBT is that perhaps he is a lower risk than merely another rookie to back up Ford, who otherwise has earned the right to have the room to be the lead guy NOW.

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And the chatter will go up on MBT and Ford and the quarterback controversy that Chris Jones has started voluntarily!

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It’s not offence - or defence - that the Elks are splashing on in free agency but the third phase - Special Teams.

Bede and Leake!! I feel excited already…


I guess Jones figures they’re good to go at all the other positions, it’s been way too quiet.


Well, they went in with 5 free agents and less guys to sign than any other team. (Tommasin retired but the tracker hasn’t been updated) The only guy on the list I would really like back is Leonard but maybe he wants more money than he was offered.
As for the rest - we got a kicker and a return man/receiver which were things we needed. We addressed the mentor for Ford thing with MBT.

We also have some former draft picks ready to play more this season - and they are talented guys.

…and we have 6 picks in the first 31 at the draft this year.

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I really like the signing of Javon Leake too. Here’s why.


100% right @Paolo_X. It’s not just the return guy - its the options it gives the offence too. He is a receiver too…

The draft picks I meant was Taylor - signed as a linebacker who played at safety last season, more than I thought Jones would play a rookie, and Broderique - who made the depth chart every week. To me, the fact Jones left Broderique in the middle all season was a pretty big deal, because usually he does like Taylor and moves them to a different position.

With how well we have drafted since Jones has been back I am excited to see what this year brings.

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