2024 CFL Schedule

I think the Thurs-Sun slate is a great idea. However, it just seemed that this past year every other home game in Jul-Aug for the Bombers landed on Thurs.


Should be this way from a competitive advantage standpoint.


I have commented on this before and agree.

I don’t expect perfection but surely what you suggest should be doable. I think this year the Argos had all 3 byes when the Bombers had only had one.

I think the other thing they should do is alternate years where teams have early and late byes. I generally consider more late byes to be an advantage as players can be rested and injuries can heal in advance of the playoffs. Last year the Argos clinched early so they could make their own byes in a way but if they wouldn’t have been able to they would have been at a disadvantage to the Bombers and other teams that had late byes. I’m not complaining but it isn’t exactly fair that for a number of recent years the Bombers had late byes and the Argos had early byes. .


True but the Bombers want it that way and have for some time. I’m quite surprised they only have one Thursday home game. On the few summer weekends there are in Winnipeg the city empties out on weekends and even Friday nights are tough. Curiously the Bombers had no Sunday games last year.

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Do they have any Sunday games this year?

Just checked. None at home but they play in BC on a Sunday in Week 11. And of course the Grey Cup.

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I’m in the minority with this opinion but I would have rather had the Grey Cup rematch on Canada Day. There are a lot of east vs west matchups in weeks 1-3. I would rather get the divisional games started early.

BC plays in Winnipeg in week 3. I’m okay with that but would rather play in Winnipeg again in October. Instead we go back in week 9 (August). Winnipeg is in BC in week 11.

BC plays Edmonton in week 4 & week 10. Again the last game should be in September or October.

I don’t see how BC playing in Toronto in week 1 benefits the league. The only thing that makes sense is that they are hoping that the Toronto home opener helps make it a better attended game. It was the lowest attended game in Toronto for 2023.


lol! :joy: I was at that game. Maybe people saw me and thought, “I don’t want to be near that guy!”


Really, that’s strange.

How do you feel about the Bombers schedule?

Hopefully the Leafs aren’t in the tournament they (Argos) might get a decent turnout.

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Blue Bomber home schedule for 2024 sucks. WHY are there no AFTERNOON games, except for the Sask. game?! There should be afternoon games in Sept. & Oct. when the weather starts to get colder. There should be at least 3 to 4 afternoon home games every season! If the C.F.L. is wanting to build a future fan base with younger fans then it need to schedule games at reasonable hours so that kids are able to attend games. 7:30p.m. games are too late at night to take kids! Crummy scheduling AGAIN Blue Bombers & C.F.L.! I hate to say it but the n.f.l. does their scheduling much BETTER with MANY afternoon games!


I’m in agreement with you regarding the afternoon games. I know there’s a number of families who bring their kid to the late games but I can’t fathom doing it myself.

I get the feeling that television ratings rule over all else. For that reason, it seems TSN and the NFL schedule dictate the timing of games more than the necessary requirements to grow the fanbase in the stands.

Given what last year’s schedule looked like, I do believe there were tangible improvements. Personally, I would be fine with the Grey Cup rematch being anywhere within the first 3 weeks of the season.

I don’t envy being a schedule-maker trying to mix up a schedule year after year with so many set in stone matchups, bye requirements, and end of year divisional matchups (it looks like they de-emphasized that this year).


Balance has been restored.

That’s perhaps the biggest news in the wake of the release of the CFL’s 2024 schedule – with every team paying a visit to every other’s home at least once – but it is not nearly the only interesting thing about the sked.

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TORONTO — If you’re a die-hard CFL fan, now it might finally feel like the holidays are upon us.

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Thank you for finally releasing the 2024 schedule but let’s ALERT all CFL stakeholders now to improve management effectiveness to release the 2025 Schedule no later than November 12, 2024 so the CFL can enjoy the full benefits of:

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Let’s stop the excuses. I’m calling on the BOARD OF GOVENORS to pass this as a winter resolution and get this done in 2024!!!


Yes that’s true but you are still out of whack there, System!

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This is nonsense, but what else is new.

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CFL Forum System, spitting out endless repeat posts for YOU!

That CFL Forum Genius Sports Chatbot has NOTHING to do with this system defect!

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Overall it’s pretty good but there are quirks as per usual and I’m sure that could be said for the schedule of any other team.

I would prefer to see more Thursday home games as is the norm. I’m used to it and not having these will hurt attendance some. My least favourite home games are Sundays and for the second year in a row there are none.

The bye set up is favourable being weeks 10, 15 and 20, the latter two taking place during 3 game slates. The Bombers must have pictures of the schedule maker with a goat to get such favourable treatment for yet another year. The first 10 weeks can be a slog but far preferable to having no late byes.

To balance this the Bombers have a relatively easy schedule the first 7 weeks based on last year’s standings. They play Ottawa and Calgary twice and Saskatchewan once so 5 of the first 7 games are against teams with records well below .500 last year. Only BC and Montreal had above .500 records last year in the first 7 games.

The teams the Bombers play 3 times are BC and Saskatchewan. So that is balanced based on last year’s records. A couple of quirks are that they don’t play Edmonton until weeks 16 and 17 home and home and play Montreal in Weeks 1 and 21, with the latter game unlikely to have any meaning for one or both teams.

Overall I would say the schedule is favourable if you’re a Bomber fan.


That’s good to hear. Overall I am satisfied with the Lions home schedule (4 Friday nights and one Sunday)

With only Thursday Lions home game , I wonder which team has more than one Thursday nighters.