2024 CFL Schedule

I bet that CBS and CFL fan and site friend Jim Nantz will be back for the CFL in the summer for those watching, in the United States.

After the Masters in early April, other than Champions League, CBS is looking for content opposite the following:

  • Fox, which has the XFL 4.0 starting late March and loads of soccer (South America and Europe) starting in June,

  • ABC and ESPN also with the XFL 4.0, NBA playoffs, and NHL playoffs all in April,

  • NBC and USA will be busy with Premier League through May, golf, and all the events leading up to the summer Olympics in Paris that begin in late July.

Then there is also various motorsport coverage for all of the above.

I also suspect for all of the above on Fox, ABC, and NBC that there will be even more content free over-the-air than ever.