2024 CFL Schedule

The 2024 CFL Schedule was released today!

Here is a link; CFL Season Schedule - CFL.ca

Looks like the CFL is doing right by their fans and we will see every team play each other at least once this season.

A few interesting notes;

  • Montreal vs. Winnipeg to start the 2024 Season on Thursday, June 6th
  • For the first time in 2 years, Toronto doesn’t have a Bye Week in Week 1 (Sorry Ottawa* Fans)
  • On Aug. 31 BC and Ottawa will play in in Victoria in the Touchdown Pacific contest
  • Labour Day Matchups; WPG/SSK + TOR/HAM + EDM/CGY

What games are you looking forward to the most?


I thought Ottawa has the opening day bye?

Anyways, week one, Hamilton at Calgary, will it be the return of BLM to McMahon in a tigercat uniform?

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Oops you’re right, I was looking at the wrong week lol.

HAM/CGY should be a good matchup

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I live in Edmonton and this year the Riders will be in preseason, and twice in regular season. I do attend other games, but I never miss the Riders.

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I am shocked but happy that the Bombers only have one Thursday home game this summer.


From a selfish standpoint this isn’t good for me. I can travel only in July or early August and I was hoping to make a two-fer trip this year (CGY/EDM or OTT/MTL on the same trip). I like to have one travel day between games.
Maybe I’ll do the WPG and SSK games the week of August 1st. I’ve already been to WPG but could always go again!


TORONTO — With stockings needing to be stuffed and holiday gifting just around the corner, the Canadian Football League and Red Tag have unveiled the 2024 schedule with season tickets for the upcoming campaign now available.

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I approve of this message and vote to encourage this brand of selfishness.


Its smart for them to go straight to the Grey Cup rematch. Way better than this past year.

Also the byes seem a lot more balanced. No team gets 2 byes until week 9 and Winnipeg the last to get a bye in week 10.

Looks to be a fun year!


I think not having a GC rematch in week 1 was my biggest schedule issue last year. That and not every team got to play each other.

This seems like a pretty decent schedule imo


Agreed. I think it has been two years without the Grey Cup rematch game and many on here have complained about that. If I remember correctly I think the last two times the rematch was played it was in Week 2. Either week is fine with me but Week 1 would seem to make more sense.

Many have also longed for a return to a balanced schedule. To me this is the best part of the new schedule and long overdue for competitive reasons and for the simple reason that every fan gets to see their team play every other team at home.

There was a thread this past season on the new Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun slate of games. Members of this forum overwhelmingly liked this set up and I count myself among those.

There were initially at least some complaints about playoff games on Saturdays as I recall, but they appear to have been a success. To me it’s a no brainer to eliminate head to head NFL competition for viewers for CFL playoff games so I am happy they retained that financially wise decision.


I agree. Also I notice that they moved up the games earlier on that ruthless triple-header Saturday in September, which works out much better than having that last game start some time after 9PM ET.

I’m not a fan who will catch all three games on one day anyway, but I do like far more choices earlier in the day so I can decide depending on whatever else is going on that day and that busy September weekend that is not sports-related.


Like the Friday nights during the fall (can attend with my kids)

Still don’t like the November 17th Grey Cup(November 24th preferable) but that’s just me.

Other than that only one Thursday nighter for the Lions which is fine by me.

Hopefully the game in Victoria is a one off though.

Lions ending the season a week early could be detrimental if they clinch the division (another tough one) .

Now time for planning.


I bet that CBS and CFL fan and site friend Jim Nantz will be back for the CFL in the summer for those watching, in the United States.

After the Masters in early April, other than Champions League, CBS is looking for content opposite the following:

  • Fox, which has the XFL 4.0 starting late March and loads of soccer (South America and Europe) starting in June,

  • ABC and ESPN also with the XFL 4.0, NBA playoffs, and NHL playoffs all in April,

  • NBC and USA will be busy with Premier League through May, golf, and all the events leading up to the summer Olympics in Paris that begin in late July.

Then there is also various motorsport coverage for all of the above.

I also suspect for all of the above on Fox, ABC, and NBC that there will be even more content free over-the-air than ever.


It’s all about Bell protecting their NFL investment as far as I can tell.

Didn’t attend the playoff game due to myself helping out at UBC for their playoff game.

Didn’t make a difference in attendance (30,149 for 2022 and 2023 playoff games) so not sure if it was wise for the CFL to make that move but then again it’s only one year.

Still prefer the playoffs on Sundays but that’s just me and mine opinion only.

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Still pretty dumb that Ottawa gets 2 bye weeks BEFORE Wpg gets their first

IMO no team should get their second until every team has had their first and no team gets their 3rd until every team has had their first 2


Yeah I’m not sure the games being on Saturday would affect attendance much, but it would affect viewership I would think. Both leagues would lose eyeballs if they went head to head but it might be about Bell protecting the CFL more than the other way around.


You’d figure all team byes get spaced out. But it’s the CFL after all.


You might be right but viewership did dip from the previous year.

They did try it back in 2008 but immediately went back in 2009 because of viewers being low at the time.

Still don’t trust Bells intentions. If they truly cared why won’t they put the Grey Cup on CTV then?.