2024 CFL Post-Game Stats

Welcome to the CFL Post-Game Stats thread for the 2024 season. Below, you’ll find the statistics, scores, and attendance numbers for each game organized by week. To view specific game details, click on the corresponding “Week X” dropdown menu below.

Week 1

Montreal @ Winnipeg

Hamilton @ Calgary

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

BC @ Toronto

Week 2

League-Wide Statistics Through Week 1

Winnipeg @ Ottawa

Montreal @ Edmonton

Calgary @ BC

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

Week 3

League-Wide Statistics Through Week 2

Ottawa @ Montreal

BC @ Winnipeg

Edmonton @ Toronto

Hamilton @ Saskatchewan

Week 4

League-Wide Statistics Through Week 3

Edmonton @ BC

Montreal @ Toronto

Winnipeg @ Calgary

Hamilton @ Ottawa

Week 5

League-Wide Statistics Through Week 4

Toronto @ Saskatchewan

Ottawa @ Winnipeg

Calgary @ Montreal

BC @ Hamilton

Week 6

League-Wide Statistics Through Week 5

Toronto @ Montreal

Calgary @ Winnipeg

Saskatchewan @ BC

Ottawa @ Edmonton

Week 7

League-Wide Statistics Through Week 6

Edmonton @ Ottawa

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

Toronto @ Hamilton

BC @ Calgary

Note: This thread serves as a reference for the forum and will be updated with official CFL reports as they become available. For discussions on specific games or stats found here, please join an existing game-day thread!


Last Update: 07/21/24 - BC @ Calgary

I have also added the “League-Wide Statistics Through Week X” documents to the drop-down lists for each week.

You will now be able to view the full collection of statistics as soon as they come out each week. If you have any suggestions for this thread feel free to PM me!