2024 CFL Draft Thread

The 2024 CFL Global Draft will begin at 11 am EST.

The 2024 CFL Draft will begin at 8 pm EST.

The 2024 CFL Global Draft Picks;

I can’t believe the Lions selected Tory Taylor. He is a generational talent at the punter position and was drafted in the 4th round in the NFL Draft.

Will probably never come up north but I like the decision. Why not take the chance? You never know these days.


But I have to post it! :rofl:


“The Saskatchewan Rough Riders only scored 4 rouges last season” :laughing:

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Only 6 out of 18 picks were kickers. Must be a new record for the global draft


Edmonton Elks select LB Joel Dublanko out of the University of Cincinnati 1st overall!


Can they not have better pics of the players rather than having them wearing the beanies


I assume the pictures are from the CFL combine where Im sure the caps were mandatory.

Why does that matter? We’re getting film for every player.

Elks now have an army of LB. Their 2nd pick surprised the panel on Tsn.

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No big surprise. Nor is the fact they took Line Backer with pick two and three either.

Bradley Hladik - Ben’s Brother?

What do you know about Vincent Blanchard, the kicker from Laval @BetweenTheGoalposts ?

Yes, but Jones has always seen them as the “universal defensive player” and has played guys listed at LB in almost every position you can imagine.

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Brad is a tightend/fullback/long snapper


Long snapper alone would be a good reason to pick him up…



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My guess is that a few others could have been better picks, and Bonhomne would be available in later rounds

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Exactly! This was probably the deepest draft in CFL history and he takes three linebackers.

It was during the combine and it matters because it makes the player look silly. This was easily correctable but they chose not to.

The film we were getting wasn’t the greatest either (although thats hardly new). They didn’t have cameras in the prospects home and or any reaction from players the moment they got drafted, as they had in years previous. Even for CFL diehards, it was a tough watch.


DL Okpoko, and DL Brubacher appears, on paper, to diversify the defence. But maybe the coaches are really unhappy with the present group of LBs. Which ever, whatever, they can’t keep them all, so, many will be gone, one way or another

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I get the Appolon twins being hurt, but this seems like overkill.

Jones isn’t being forced to pick what he “needs” any more. He can put some talent in his pocket for trades, and to add draft picks through trades with.

IE - Drafts Hladik last night - trades Peter Adjey to the Red Blacks today for a draft pick next year.

That and the ratio implications of lots of starting Canadians on either side of the ball means never making a personnel move on the field because of ratio…

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