2024 CFL Draft Thread

I think it is time to start a CFL draft tread.
I figure a poll might be fun to get this going.
Pick the position you feel the Als should be looking with their 9th pick overall. You can pick up to three if you would like

  • Offensive Linesman
  • Defensive Linesman
  • Receiver
  • Linebacker
  • DB
  • Best Available player
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Given this draft, BPA and O-Line will likely be the same. We definitely need to reload at O-line. A secondary need would be receiver.


I think this is where it hurts the Als not having a second round pick. If they did, they might be able to afford to get the blue chip receiver with their first round pick and still be assured to get a top notch OL prospect in the second round because of the depth at the position in this draft.

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And it’s why I think they have to believe Gibbon can do more than be a backup guard. If you trade a second-round pick to acquire a player, he’d better be someone you see as a potential starter.

Edit: With all the DBs we have signed, I wonder if Danny might not try to swing a trade pre-draft for a second- or third-round pick?

It’s a very deep Oline draft. No need to take one in round one.


I would be disappointed if we don’t use our 1st pick on a Oline

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I find Hodge’s mock draft for us a bit off. Between Berglund, Gowanlock, and Wiggan, we have a pretty solid cast of Canadian DL, though we could certainly use more depth at the position. We literally just drafted a fullback in Dallaire last year, and have Mason, who’s 23, backing Dallaire up, but we’re going to use a third-round pick to … draft another fullback? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I would be very surprised if we didn’t draft an offensive lineman.


Hope Kyle Hergel can slip to 9 or we could find a way to trade up to draft him. I think he’s the one we need target.

Drafting an other FB make 0 sense and I think an other Dline dosen’t make sense either with Berglund


At this point with the Age of the players the Als have at the position. I don’t think Maciocia has a choice. after the 9th pick, I think the Als don’t pick again until around the 29th or 30th pick. There will be no Blue chip Offensive linesman at 30.


Look at how poorly he did last year’s mock drafts. He might as well be picking names from a hat.

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I am really hoping Danny figures out how to get a second-round pick back. We need both depth/help at Oline and a receiver, I think. Going into late in the third round, we won’t get quality, unless we get really lucky there.
Hodge’s picks for us, were crazy wrong, especially the FB pick. Dallaire, Mason, STE + Cibusa are FBs or can play. If Uguak doesn’t make the NFL then we him back too.


It’s a deep Oline draft, you can take one in two and three.

Would be great but Draft picks are extremely hard to come by. Especially in a loaded draft. Maciocia would need to give up his third this year and his second round round next year or a pick swap where he gets 2nd and 2nd but gives up his 1st rounder and 3rd rounder next year. I think it would be extremely hard to get a pick in this year’s top two rounds for anything less than a starting Canadian.

Als dont’ have a second round pick. they traded it to Edmonton. That’s the whole point of the discussion :wink:
And if you factor the two picks granted out of thin air the Al’s third rounder which should really be 27 is now 29 which is really a fourth rounder.

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Tu as raison les MOCK Draft 1.0 dans la CFL par des journalistes est un « exercice » d’impression et je pense que……

Voici des comparaisons pour les trois (3) premières rondes pour un Mock Draft 1.0, en 2023 pour la CFL:

En 2023, J. Hodge, mock Draft 1.0:
Un choix prévu exactement:
13 D. Dallaire Montréal

M. Ferguson mock Draft 1.0:
Deux choix prévus exactement:
#4 C. Tucker Calgary
#13 D. Dallaire Montréal

Reddit, Mock Draft, 1.0
Un choix prévu exactement:
#12 J. Peter Ottawa

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I think I must have missed this. Why are Win BC getting extra picks?? Shouldn’t it be Edmonton and Ottawa for finishing at the bottom of the pile?

I found out from this:

The Blue Bombers have 10 picks in this year’s draft, one in each of the eight rounds, plus a fifth rounder from Ottawa in the Dru Brown trade and a bonus second rounder as a reward for Canadian snaps in 2023 (B.C. also earned a bonus selection). Winnipeg will select eighth overall, followed by 17th, 20th, 28th, 37th, 40th, 46th, 55th, 64th and 73rd.

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I don’t even know where this new thing comes from. It use to be that the two worst teams got an extra pick but now its some goofy thing that they never bothered to make public…

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Typically it’s because they acquired an extra pick via trade at some point? Otherwise I have no idea.

Je suis d’accord avec toi, je croyais que les choix # 19 et 20, étaient des choix territoriaux pour les clubs qui finissaient derniers dans leurs divisions.

Voici le Draft tracker - CFL.ca, pour 2024, pour les choix déjà échangés ex: choix # 18 Edmonton, provenant de Montréal, l’information est claire et précise.

Pour les choix # 19 et 20, à BC et Winnipeg qui ont fini 2 et 1 dans la division Ouest, aucune mention d’échange, c’est particulier, plus de transparence serait nécessaire pour les amateurs.

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