2024 Breakout Als

Who do you think will break out this year? Who’ll be the 2024 equivalent of Austin Mack, Reggie Stubblefield, or Kabian Ento?

The rules:

  • Your player can’t be already established or a veteran looking to re-establish value.
  • Don’t take any of this seriously. Any player on anyone’s list might not even survive the first round of TC cuts. :slight_smile:

Keshunn Abram (WR). We forget now that he won a starting WR spot out of training camp in 2023. There had to be a reason for that. Injuries curtailed his rookie CFL season. I want to see what he does in 2024.

Kivon Bennett (DE). Showed flashes last year but couldn’t break out of the PR. Still, the team liked him enough to keep him around. With Uguak gone, there is a legit opening at defensive end.

Jesse Gibbon (G). We traded a second-round pick to acquire him. We re-signed him this year. Do Maas and LBJ see him as the heir apparent to Kristian Matte?

Mike Weber Jr. (RB). I became intrigued after hearing fellow Ohio State alumnus Austin Mack speak effusively about Weber in a recent Joey A. podcast. If Fletcher wins the RB1 job, Weber may only see the field if injury strikes, assuming he impresses in camp. He’s just a bit taller and a touch heavier than Fletch, which may help him in the north-south game between the tackles.

Smoke Monday (DB). We’re loaded in the defensive backfield, but the departure of Ciante Evans leaves the starting field half spot up for grabs. While guys like J.R. Reed, Kordell Rodgers, Najee Murray, and Nafees Lyon might be higher up in the pecking order, Monday’s height (6’3") and NFL experience could make him a sleeper candidate.


Est-ce que Kordell Rodgers est considéré comme un joueur établi au sens de cet exercice spéculatif? À mon sens non parce qu’il n’a pas été un partant régulier, mais est-ce ainsi qu’on doit interpréter ce concept?

Not sure, honestly. I think he’s got some kind of advantage because he did start a number of games last year when injuries hit our secondary hard. So he has CFL starter experience, just as Reed does. But obviously he’ll have to earn his roster spot.

I realize I misunderstood you. I thought you were asking about his security on the team. In terms of this breakout thread, yes, sure, he’s fair game. He started some games last year, but he didn’t make it onto anyone’s radar and 2024 will only be his second year in the league.

Sincèrement, puisqu’on ne connaît pas encore les partants, il sera difficile de spéculer sur quoi que ce soit à ce moment-ci. Je souhaiterais que ce soit l’année de Tyrell Richards parce qu’il a tout ce qu’il faut pour exceller; seule la santé lui a fait défaut jusqu’à maintenant, aussi ce serait une belle rédemption pour lui d’éclore au grand jour.

Je reviendrai donc à ce propos lorsque le camp d’entraînement aura permis de savoir qui aura la chance de pouvoir surprendre agréablement l’équipe cette année.

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I would love to see Tyrell Richards break out in 2024. He was just starting to find his groove in 2023 when he got injured. Having said that, the influx of d-linemen makes me think, at least on paper, that Thorpe will run fewer 3-4 fronts in 2024. Hopefully Richards gets a legit shot to play regularly on defence. I still think he could be effective converted to defensive end (platooning with Berglund) but that’s just my impression of his size and skill set.

Did you look at that comparison chart with Dublanko? - but actually with anyone- because his number were freaky great across the board.

A comparison chart between Richards and Dublanko? No, haven’t seen that.

The link was in the previous thread, DP. Here it is


For Comparison’s Sake: Projecting the CFL Combine’s top prospects

](For Comparison's Sake: Projecting the CFL Combine's top prospects - CFL.ca)

Thanks, Stephen

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I expect Snead to take another step. Maybe even a 1000 yard season.

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Prédiction audacieuse, mais très possible. Snead a été peu visé en début de saison, et il a tout de même cumulé 788 verges par la passe. 1 000 verges n’est pas inaccessible maintenant que Fajardo et lui se connaissent mieux.

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I see Snead taking a step, too, but he’s kind of a bubble case for this thread. From being an unknown at camp and down on the depth chart, he went on to post 56 catches for 788 yards and a 14.1 yard average. His 5 receiving TDs were second only to Austin Mack on the team.

I’d say he already had his breakout year in 2023. :slight_smile:


Well, Keyshunn Abram got released, so there’s one of my 2024 breakout Als gone already. :rofl:

Well you could say he has already had a “break out” or away year!

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Maybe he’ll break out with another team🤔. It’s a shame but sometimes one injury can change the trajectory of a player’s career, especially a first or second year guy.

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