2023GreyCupDate and Time

Apparently the game will be on November 29th at 8 Pm Is it really going to be played at 8? Seems awfully late.

The Grey cup game will not be played on the 29th. It will be played on the 19th of November.
The 8 p.m. start , if correct, is late

Source would be nice.

We will find out soon enough or around Dec 20th (tentative date for the release of the CFL schedule).

Mind you the 8pm EST (5pm PST) start seems awfully late and might be cooler weather than usual.

Personally it should be around 430 EST (130pm PST) if they really want to stay on Sunday.

It would be nice to at least announce the Grey Cup date as fans to need time for planning to attend in terms of accommodations and arranging for time off work etc.

5 PM EST might be better. Have the ending of the game 20 minutes before the 8:20 NFL game starts

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Don't like watching the trophy presentation?

The 430 start might be better unless you don't like watching the Sunday nighter pregame show.

Spending 75 mins on one game seems to be overkill week after week.

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Nov 29 /23 is a Wednesday……..


Either he meant the 19th or the 26th.

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A little shaky for a 1st post...


I was trying to take into consideration that the 4:25 NFL game starts roughly at the same time as the proposed 4:30 Grey Cup game. Trouble is when the CFL finishes in less than 3 hours and when the NFL game goes over 3 hours. Hard to predict what will happen. I guess the CFL prays that the NFL games are blowouts and people tune in to the Grey Cup and stay on it.

Most people will still follow the NFL more as it's the bigger league within Canada.

Moving the playoffs to Saturday tells me they don't care for amateur football in Canada.

It might give fans choice of following both leagues at the expense of U Sports and/or Junior Football.

This decision is Bell driven as an American league with no Canadian team in it gets preference over a Canadian rules league.

The CFL needs to decide if they want to invest in grassroots football in Canada or do their own thing but they need to be consistent and transparent about it.

Ambrosie has been known to be all over the place with some of his ideas. He acts more like a yes man than an actual commissioner at times.

Would prefer Gary Bettman over Ambrosie any time.

Anyways looking forward to the Vanier Cup on CBC

CFL scheduling is terrible. So inconsistent. I went to games on Monday Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this past season. I went at 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 7:30. No wonder they have trouble drawing fans.

it doesn't tell me that at all. CFL teams donate lots of money to amateur football plus they can have a double header with amateur football and cross promote with them.

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There's a reason they have high school football, college football and pro football on different days.

Pro football overshadows them all.

Fall means Sunday football.

We are "programmed" to watch the NFL on Sundays

I find it funny that traditionalists say they don't want to be anything like the NFL (4 downs, smaller field, clock rules etc) but they want to be like the NFL when it comes to Sundays. This is despite the fact that the CFL used to have the Grey Cup played on Saturdays during the early days.

I haven't ever associated professional football with Sundays because the CFL has always played games on days ending with Y. I've even seen games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the regular season at times.

If the league finds that moving to Saturdays doesn't do well in the ratings or attendance it will suffer the consequences. If they don't get compensation for any losses from Bell then the temptation to move back to Sunday will be there.

Back in the day there was any lighting at the stadiums so they couldn't have those "later" (probably unrelated).

I never had a problem with the CFL on Sundays as Montreal would have been the only team to host as result of an agreement with McGill.

Like other fans can follow various sports simultaneously fans can follow both leagues on the same day.

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Misspelled was. I meant wasn't but glad you got the jist of it.

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I think most people here are fluent in "Mahal" by now :rofl:

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Well, as long as he doesn't schedule the Grey Cup game for a Wednesday at 10:45pm EST or whatever, he's probably still on the right track (or right track-adjacent).

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If playoffs are possible on Saturdays then the Grey Cup on Wednesday doesn't seem to be so far fetched in his mind​:joy::sweat_smile:

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