2023 Touchdown Atlantic

didn’t see a dedicated 2023 TD Atlantic topic yet so here’s one.

  • when: 2023-07-29T20:00:00Z2023-07-29T23:00:00Z
  • Teams: Rider vs Argos
  • where: Halifax NS

looks like it’s almost sold out.


Bit of a dumb question but do you just buy it off Ticketmaster or is there a cheaper way?

i honestly don’t know. i think ticketmaster is the only way but maybe someone else with more knowledge can confirm? ticketmaster link

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I’m thinking that it’ll be sold out eventually. The “we sold out in one hour” crowd can’t be happy though.


I’d say prices are the issue here. Last year at Acadia prices were pretty fairly broken down for the available seating. This year you’re paying at least double to sit in the end zone sideline. Overall I’d think they are happy with sales so far and I’d expect it will sell out.


Yeah looking at the map. Sideline seats staring at the side of the end zone are 100.00, while seated tickets in the end zone are 75.00.

Most of those would be closer to the field so I would say they are better value. Since they’re general admission we don’t know how well they’re selling but I would think it drag out the sales on the remaining sidelines.

Agreed it should sellout in good time.


I know they are trying to maximize the revenues due to the reduced seating, but the prices for a regular season game seems a little excessive.

Living in Saskatoon, the NHL has had the flames, oilers or jets play exhibition games here. Having lived in calgary and paid for regular season flames tickets, these preseason game tickets here always seemed excessive. Interested pretty much died for me. I get in Regina where the arena is about 6-7k tops, but saskatoon arena is over 15k for attendance. they are not losing out for possible butts in seats.


Now’s the time for CFL in the Maritimes.

Based in or near Halifax, what would be better, going with Atlantic or Maritime in the team name?

Personally, I’m partial to Maritime since it is on par with New England.

What do you think?


Just need a stadium to play in.

Let’s see what the league and city say during TD Atlantic this summer. Maybe they’ll keep the temporary stands at SMU and a CFL team will play there.


I went last year and had a blast. The temp riser seating wasnt the most comfortable but the atmosphere was great


Looks as though the stands are starting to take shape at SMU.


**Video now uploaded

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The only new thing in there is that he implies that the CFL should follow NFL expansion as an example. Interesting but I don’t see the CFL having that kind of success long term.

There’s no doubt that proponents of CFL expansion would love to follow a model like the NFL.

In a world where a growing number of viewers are moving away from traditional television models, the NFL stands tall. According to a recent study of live and same-day data from Nielsen, the NFL racked up 19 of the 20 most-viewed broadcasts of 2022 and 82 of the top 100.

In fact, only six non-sports programs cut the MUSTARD last year, highlighted by President Biden’s State of the Union address following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at No. 7 in March.

The league’s top TV property, the Sunday afternoon slot shared by CBS and Fox, averages nearly 26 million viewers. The more eyeballs tuning in, of course, translates into giant wheelbarrows full of money.

But in Canada almost all sports are on TSN or Sportsnet. You can’t watch the Jays, Raptors, TFC or Argos on the traditional over the air broadcasts, even the NHL has gone to Sportsnet except the CBC hanging on to some games.
In Canada you can watch the NFL over the air or you can get a different game on TSN and CTV.
I doubt putting the CFL on CTV would attract any more viewers.
In Canada if you watch sports you subscribe to TSN and Sportsnet, if you don’t subscribe to them then you are not a sports fan.

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Things can change with a stroke of a pen. Highly doubt CTV would become involved because of their affiliation with TSN. All it takes is a little ingenuity.

There are lots of Lions season ticket holders that don’t subscribe to TSN. The idea that you have to subscribe to either Sportsnet or TSN to be a sports fan is laughable. There are plenty of people who would rather attend live sporting events rather than watch them on TV.

I never said that you have to subscribe to SN or TSN to be a sports fan. I said that if you are a sportsfan you would subscribe to SN or TSN.
So you are telling me that Lions fans only watch the CFL when the Lions are at home? you don’t watch them on the road or any other team? How do you know that “lots” of Lions fans don’t subscribe to TSN?
How do you watch the Lions when they are on the road?

This is what you said. Don’t move the goal posts after you said it.

I know some Lions ticket holders that don’t subscribe to TSN because I listen to local post game shows and they call in and say so. It’s not all like you suggested but there are some. There are also some that when the Lions are on the road will go to the pub and watch the game.

I work weekends at night so I listen to the radio broadcast like thousands of others. I suppose people who follow the team and don’t subscribe to the TSN or Sportsnet aren’t sports fans either.

The stands are coming into form now:


and for those who don’t know:

who Chris Flynn is…and that Halifax has a rich football history…