2023 to 2024 NBA Season - After The In-Season Tournament

Record-setting attendance in the completed regular season

Note this is a good article, but the site has so much annoying auto-play video that it is best viewed on any device that is not a phone

@Paolo_X - So i am wondering if ESPN is going to have the money for the NBA rights fees - as those numbers are going to triple. ESPN is shedding customers by the millions - how can they pay 3x the money for the NBA and not bleed out? My theory for the moment is that ESPN let’s the NBA go and then they stay pot comitted to the UFL as a spring sport - cheap, reasonable ratings and a good filler. Fox isn’t going to go all in on the NBA - so for them the UFL is a solid property for OTA broadcasts. The crowds are weak but the TV numbers are not terrible.

That said I think the UFL needs two or 4 more teams - and this is so that you have solid matchups every week and you can bury the “dogs” on FS1 or for that local market only. I realize that no fans in the stands - but from an inventory standpoint the CFL has had this issue for decades with only 4 games a week - sometimes you just have a slate of “dogs” without more inventory.

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@Paolo_X - Paolo is happy LeBron is toast and heading to a vacation.

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No doubt. Heavy gravy are all the social media haters of Jokic who are sometimes in the Lebron camp, who will never get enough whine for all their cheese.

Those YouTube channels might pop up on your feed if you follow a lot of sports on YouTube. They can EAT IT too like most of the independent fan boy channels.

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TNT has had the best format and presentation for a studio show for decades now.

I don’t watch hardly, but when I do, I have often enjoyed these guys and always have loathed ESPN’s studio coverage for just about any sport.

It was not the first such studio show to have four people at it, but this particular format has inspired the banter on other shows.

I remember when Charles Barkley was set to move on with other career plans decades ago, but in one of his best decisions ever, he chose to stay on there in Atlanta and the rest is history.

As Rich Eisen commented via his show via Roku, soak it up, for what we are seeing is looking like it will be gone if TNT loses the rights to the NBA.

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Yeah I don’t think that WB/HBO/TNT is going to pony up 3x the money for the NBA. I would expect one of the streaming giants to shell out the cash for the NBA.

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Yes, the lead horse is Amazon.

Now they do a great job with the NFL, but that does not mean they can do it for the NBA.

It will be interesting how the whole television landscape lines up too with regards to the remaining Regional Sports Networks as well.

Sadly for the average viewer, the landscape might be as complex as that of MLB.

Then we have to wonder what the NHL will also do in the next round to look beyond ESPN and TNT.

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The NHL is a league that makes most of its money from attendance. I think that the NHL gets $400 million annually from the TV deal. That deal isn’t up until like the end of the 2028 season or something like that. Which is an eternity from now. The UFL might be dead and gone by then or it might be at 14 teams and drawing 1.5 million per game - at which point it becomes a pretty strong negotiating chip that Fox and ESPN can use.

I am with @Paolo_X in that we are in the wild wild west for sports broadcasting. This is definitely not 205 through 2018 where there was stability and you could forecast out ten years. Today good luck forecasting out 2 or 4 years.


It appears there is one last stand being made by WBD’s TNT so as to secure the new contract for media rights to the NBA:

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This is interesting or not. Put it into the rumour stash.

Oh well. For the average viewer, this is the worst of all worlds. At least there will be one more season as things stand now.

And maybe Lebron is finally gone after next season, including from his overreaching media influence for coverage of the NBA via his talent agency Klutch Sports (i.e. Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright, et cetera) for quite some time as Stephen A. Smith and others have called out.

I want to see what happens when Lebron Retires - I think a lot of payback is going to be heading to Klutch sports. I am sure there are owners and GM’s that have some payback they are waiting to dish out to Klutch once lebron is gone.

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I have not been watching, but look who is watching more and more - a younger audience as well as who is winning more games - also YOUNGER players who are the future of the NBA.

The league appears to have moved on already from Lebron James after the whistle has blown. Maybe he’ll be around for one more season, and he’ll probably make an announcement and then make it all about him as usual for Lebron’s approach off the court.