2023 to 2024 NBA Season - After The In-Season Tournament

It’s time for a new NBA thread I see.

The NHL Capitals could be impacted as well here, but the proposed move is still in the Washington DC Metro area market.

Whether northern Virginia or much of Maryland, it’s the same media market and same metro area.

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Yet again something else for the NBA to fix and with vast media implications for all sports coverage as well …

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is well on this case too, for there is far more in it for the NBA than via Disney/ABC/ESPN with so much money waiting on the sidelines given the success of the tournament.

Since the trophy is called the NBA Cup, why not just call the tournament that - even if the trophy is renamed in honour of the former Commissioner David Stern?

  • Silver did not go into details on negotiations but sounded encouraged about progress toward new contracts with TV rights partners. League execs are talking exclusively with Disney (ABC, ESPN) and Warner Bros. Discovery (TNT) before broadening possibilities to platforms such as Apple, Amazon Prime and others.

Tweaking the In-Season Tournament for 2024

Silver refrained from making any public suggestions for ways in which the In-Season Tournament could be improved or changed. He even avoided the word “tweak.” The NBA clearly is happy with how it was received in Year 1 by constituents, from players to fans to sponsors. But Silver did touch on a few areas that will be reviewed.

  • He liked the colorful courts, though he felt they looked a little “cookie cutter.” The league might set a few general parameters and enlist the teams to flex more creativity, he said.
  • Using overall point differential during group play as a tiebreaker for Knockout Round qualifying is a common tactic in international basketball and soccer. But it grated for some with the sports culture here, as far as “running up scores.”

“I’m not ready necessarily to move away from it,” the commissioner said, “but if ultimately there’s going to be a sense, particularly from our American fans, that somehow it is an indication of poor sportsmanship, that’s not a good idea for us to be doing it.”

  • Hearing star players talk about the prize money — $500,000 per player for the champions – for themselves but especially for teammates with more modest salaries confirmed for Silver that cash was a good, but not sole, motivator for the tourney. Winning, gaining experience and the location in Vegas also were factors.
  • Scheduling, both for teams that advance in the bracket and for those that have new regular-season games dropped in their laps, will be studied anew. That affects the teams on the floor and off (travel, ticket sales), with season ticketholders scrambling as well.

Capital One Arena is central to downtown Washington business/financial district and sits above a Metro line, providing easy accress/egress … but a multi-use real estate development that includes an arena can be financially VERY tempting … but it likely will need Metro access … one of the biggest reasons the Caps and Bullets/Wizards moved out of Landover in 1997 was that it was out in the sticks and really only accessible by car

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Much appreciated context, and a trip down memory lane for me here!

I remember when Capital One Arena, after other names as well, was the MCI Center when it was opened in December 1997.

To your point the location indeed did become excellent in DC, which was already greatly recovering from the high crime era of the 1990s and then years later a recession after 9/11.

No doubt access by Metro would be essential in that area.

Michael Jordan was in town on his second retirement when the scene really boomed, and then he played for a few seasons before going back into management, yet he was unceremoniously dismissed less than a month after his last game in April 2003.

I was amazed that the scene continued to improve afterwards ever since, though I left the area in 2005.

And the Wizards indeed will be moving as it appears. Thank you @Mightygoose for the scoop.

Time will tell

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And it appears that the District of Columbia, aka Washington DC, or “The District” to locals, is waiving the white flag as the Capitals and the Wizards are headed across the Potomac River to northern Virginia in the area.

Less than four weeks after Leonsis announced plans to build a $2 billion arena and mixed-use development in Alexandria, Va., for the Washington Wizards and Capitals, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has formed the Gallery Place/Chinatown Task Force to create a new vision for the area surrounding Capital One Arena. The task force will consider a variety of potential moves for the neighborhood, including potentially tearing down the 26-year-old venue to open the land for other uses.

“We have to have a vibrant space here,” Bowser said. “We can’t have it underused, and there will be people who it would serve their purposes [sic] if we had an underutilized arena in downtown D.C. That will not serve the purposes for the D.C. taxpayer. So I want to be clear about that: We will not allow an underused arena.”

And there’s more here, as DC might have TWO underused arenas after these plans materialize by the owner of three local pro sports teams:

The prospect of moving the WNBA team from D.C.’s poorest ward to downtown has already angered local officials, even as the Mystics regularly sell out at the smaller venue and have arguably outgrown it as the league soars in popularity. D.C. officials, meanwhile, are thinking about other—and potentially very different—options for the Capital One Arena neighborhood.

“If the teams do move—and we have to anticipate that they will—we have an opportunity to reposition almost two city blocks, five acres, right in downtown D.C. for a new use,” said Nina Albert, D.C.’s acting deputy mayor for planning and economic development.

This looks like the roapmap to a bigger investment and solution for the 15 or so affected NBA markets, which comes via a hefty legal settlement by DSG plus an minority investment by Amazon.

Key development here to stall the project via a political fight in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia has stated NO to the proposal, so for now, the Wizards and the Capitals will be playing in Washington DC indefinitely.

My impression of the modern NBA for years now, in especially the Lebron era, is that is is simply overloaded with league politics and an awful lot of fans get caught up in those as part of the discussion, or even enjoyment, of the league.

I’ll be happy when Lebron is simply gone given his unwieldy influence well off the court, and here I am not talking about his business and social accomplishments as are generally positive, but in the coverage and marketing of the league down to having even a shill at FS1 via Nick Wright for years, who was outed as represented by Lebron’s sports agency for years. Then as is well known with many videos on YouTube, the officiating for Lebron seems to be under its own set of rules.

Well I will cross-link these two tales here, which are an terrible look for the NBA as current official Commissioner Adam Silver, largely reporting to Lebron James the de facto co-Commissioner since “The Decision” in 2010 and then since David Stern retired, with Silver having made some excellent business deals for the league’s expansion in media, global reach, and gambling-related revenue, yet Silver flails aimlessly to control the nonsense and hijinks in the modern NBA that did not stop after the Tim Donaghy referee scandal.

In 2007 after 13 years as a referee, Donaghy was caught gambling on games and giving out privileged information to other gamblers such that he did time in prison as well.

Once this season is over, especially after all the whining about the success of any given players in the Finals by all the haters beyond the opposing team, I predict a huge crap show for the NBA in the awful dead time for the league in July with the media pundits who can’t seem to find something else to do but stir it up, especially at ESPN and FS1.

Another Player on Watch for Gambling-Related Hijinks

@Paolo_X - I read where Donaghy could pick the winners of the games just on who was reffing the games. He knew which refs hated which players and coaches. His success rate just from that information was off the charts. Knick Bavetta etc. After that the NBA quit letting everyone know who the Refs were in advance now they do it on the day of the game at 9AM.

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Another fact that I think is related to the quite heavier politics of the NBA is that unlike the other major leagues, there are quite simply fewer slots for players at every game.

The common number of players, including those on the bench, is 12, and the NBA maximum for players on game day is 15.

American players and those often with NCAA experience in the US who are a level below in play toil often in the G-League and in some of the lesser foreign leagues, but few want to make a long career out of such play if they cannot also crack an NBA roster and be on it for long.

It appears that the NBA will expand conservatively in offering regular season games outside the US, which I have not kept track of anyway as only a relaxed casual fan any more, but it is noteworthy that 125 international players (not US citizens) were on opening night rosters!

With an estimated average of 12.5 players per team (half the teams with 12, half with 13) including those on the bench on opening night or at any given game, that works out 1/3 of all NBA players!

How far we have come since the 1992 Olympics and the original Dream Team.

Now there are some fans chirping hot angry about the reality that the NBA has been and will continue to grow as a global game with more and not less international representation, but to them the reality is the same.

I notice this is hardly ever the players themselves, but only certain fans.

Real players show their game all the more on the court. Top game finds real game at the elite level in any sport.

All those fans chirping up that storm, especially on YouTube videos about the NBA, or others can find some place else to play and tell all their “Ida” stories in vain as well, for nobody wants to hear them, including even their own pets at this point.

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@Paolo_X - Lebron pushing his son “Bronny” into the NBA draft - His kid played 19 minutes a game for a USC team that was sub 500 and scored 5 points a game. Lakers will probably burn a draft pick on Bronny to keep dad happy.

Pro sports welfare and nepotism too now? There would be zero discussion without Lebron here. I wish Lebron were gone five years ago, but here we are and it’s all about him for this goal now too. Screw the Lakers with Lebron.

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Can’t say that I disagree with you on this one - I find it interesting how silent LeBron and the rest of the NBA are in regard to the way the Communist Chinese treat the Uyghurs. Even Steve Kerr who is a social justice type keeps pretty quiet when it comes to China as he knows who pays a lot of the bills.

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I already was on Lebron’s case like many since “The Decision,” which Lebron himself regretted how he handled it after a few years even though he tried to make it sound like he didn’t.

Then his star was back on the rise with championships, but then he had to overlook current genocide as of course his connections to China and that NBA’s lined their wallets.

He is the height of hypocrisy when purporting to speak out for social justice, and he could have gone then.

The situation had come such to a head that Adam Silver had to show up or direct discussion on ESPN and on TNT given the bad blow to the NBA thanks to that de facto Commissioner Lebron.

Then a few months later before the end of the season came the pandemic, and so that focus easily shifted away from Lebron, who was still being rightfully slagged and dogged for his disrespectful view and disrespect of an NBA manager speaking out.


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NBA Player Jontay Porter Banned FOR LIFE

Adam Silver is sending a very strong, and in my opinion correct, message for the first time ever in his time since David Stern.

The message comes on this matter of players gambling on games, including even their own games.

Now the next move is the woolly mammoth in this room of gambling elephants that is live betting, which though such corruption can happen with any betting, live betting has opened far more doors to such temptation in sports gambling, for it can be far easier to pull off for simple prop bets.

I saw some of this coming when I first heard about legalized live betting, and here we are and this won’t be the last such example before reforms are made.