2023 Schedule Wishlist

If they are looking to pair the Grey Cup with the Vanier Cup (a possibility but unlikely) then the season will end around November 19th or 26th.

Moving the season up 6 weeks may happen then again it may not.

I am more interested in the Grey Cup date then the actual start date for 2023.

But please spread out the divisional games and space out home games as well.

They haven't done that in years. I don't think TSN is interested in billing the two events together.

Sportsnet had a lot to do with that.

Also refer to the 2011 and 2012 pairings and tell me, other than that was years ago, that TSN is not interested in doing it again.

They have a different agenda now. I'm not sure TSN actually cares about Canadian Football especially the way Naylor and Farhan act.

Farhan and Naylor are a poor representation of TSN and should be future endeavored (fired) as soon as possible.

Thankfully they don't participate in CHL (Canadian Junior Hockey Leagues) on TSN broadcasts.

At least the Vanier Cup is on CBC.

That's a small but good start.

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When the CFL was on Sundays, the NFL may have had higher ratings but the CFL had ratings higher than they do now. CFL ratings do not appear to be affected by NCAA games. NFL ratings on Sundays have also been helped in some part by TSN and the CFL by moving away from and surrendering Sunday. Also, I believe its had a negative impact on the Grey cup and playoffs as fence sitters are now used to only NFL on Sundays.

Traditionally, ratings and attendance were better in the fall, then the summer. So moving more games into a zone that historically was the weak part of the season predictably would provide lower numbers.

Plus, Hockey is still king in Canada. Even if a Canadian team is not in the final, the amount of time and space it gets from all the sports media, still will put a huge shadow over the CFL.

It seems every change for the better the CFL has done in the last couple of decades and step forward has caused the reverse to happen.



As for earlier due to weather. Weather is changing. I have lived on the prairies my whole life, and harsh locked in Winter is starting later. In the last 8 years, being back in Sask, I think I dealt with winter setting in prior to mid December one time. Yes there may have been some snow, some cold days but nothing like you see in January and February. In that same time frame there was a September that had colder weather than October, November.
For the playoffs, November is the best timing the CFL can have. The NFL, NHL and NBA are well into their seasons. MLB is wrapped up. Other than MLS no one else is in the vital end of season mode and that doesn't affect CFL ratings.

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  1. No Back to Back games until August...

  2. Mix up the schedule so in the first 8 games, you play every team once.

  3. Take where the team is (rebuild, playoff ready, etc.) into consideration when building the schedule. You are not doing teams like Ottawa any favours having a rebuilding team play the strongest team in the league back to back to start the year.
    Doesn't help ticket sales either....

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It did help the hype that the Calgary vs Winnipeg game brought in the first part of the season though. Perhaps that is what they intended to do.

With the exception of a couple blowouts most games have come down to the wire though too. A total margin of victory of 19 points across four games and victories in the dying moments in three of four....

Some strategies are odd though. Elks playing their biggest rivals twice in the first five games did nothing for ticket sales though and may have limited ticket sales for the Labour Day games, which are usually the best ticket sale games of the year.

I just have to think back to backs are a pain for coaches though too. Two different game plans on back to back weeks plus adjustments, gotta be way more work than different opponents.

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Most of the current schedule problems is due to the COVID fear they had last year. I figure next year will be better.

They’ve got to be dropping the new schedule soon, right?
Last year they dropped it on December 16.
Yes, I’m already thinking about my summer vacation plans.

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I heard on the "Fan State of the League" that it's supposed to come out around Dec 20 this year.

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A few years ago I drove across Canada. I was hoping to take in Lions games anywhere I could. Only saw 2 but also saw others. Quite disappointing in the Maritimes even trying to find a game on TV somewhere.


I’m also trying to get to all 50 states before I turn 50. I have three left (Alaska, Idaho, and Montana) and I’m 48 years old.
I’m thinking I could fly to Seattle or Vancouver for a Lions game and then drive to ID and MT.

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Limit back to backs and play divisional games earlier in the season. No sense in playing later divisional games when teams are clinching byes and home playoff games 3 weeks before the end of the season

It doesn't bother me either way but I'm not sure the CFL will do that because of attendance numbers. If you look at BC attendance the worst game was against Toronto. If you look at Toronto attendance the worst game is against Winnipeg. If the game is a terrible draw, you don't want it to be the last game of the season because then even less people will show up.

why are you going to those cities in particular? sounds like you are visiting the wrong cities/ provinces lol

I’ve already been to Winnipeg and Hamilton so it’s the other 7 CFL stadiums I’d like to get to.

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when do you plan to visit the coast to check out a Lions game?