2023 Schedule Wishlist

I just read a TSN article that the league will start planning the 2023 season this week. Any thoughts on what you'd like to see included?

For me, fewer back-to-back games, especially sets including teams in different divisions. I'd like to see the matchups spread out as much as possible, so we can see how teams matchup at different stages of their progression through the season.

I also think it might be better to have fewer interdivisional games to start the season so that the two divisions aren't so visibly lopsided like we're seeing this year.

Ambrosie said the CFL's management council will meet Tuesday in Toronto to begin looking at the 2023 season. He's confident a Touchdown Atlantic game for the Maritimes next season will be included in the first phase of planning.

  1. The 3rd (or 4th) divisional game should be in a neutral city for every team.

2a) divisional games should be on weeknights (not including Labour day classics) as much as possible so we can avoid 9 or10 pm eastern starts when eastern teams are involved and 7 or 8 eastern starts when a west team is involved.

2b) play games on Sunday afternoons more often.

-Back-to-back games only between divisional teams

-More game on Sundays

-Keep the traditions of Labour Day and Thanksgiving

-Playoffs during november, on sundays

-Touchdown Atlantic

-Maximum one super saturday

-Less interdivision games at the beginning of the season.

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For purely selfish reasons, I’m hoping Calgary and Edmonton or Montreal and Ottawa will have home games on the same weekend (but not the same dates) in mid-late July.
I’m hoping to get to all teams and that’s the only time I can travel. If I can double up a weekend with nearby cities, that’d be a blast.

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I agree about eliminating the back-to-back games. Oftentimes, teams are completely different at other times of the season (injuries, gelling, etc.)

I agree about inter division games to a point but I think that’s planned. I think they try to have more drama later in the season so they backload games with more on the line. So I’d like to see this reduced just a little.


I’d also like to see byes more evenly distributed. Winnipeg doesn’t get their first bye until week 11 and then they’re off weeks 11, 16, and 20. Toronto had bye weeks 1 and 5.


First game of season should be Grey Cup rematch. Rest of games that week should be East/West 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (last place team gets the bye)
After that, next 3 weeks should be teams within division. Plus minimum 3 weeks at the end of the season games should be within division games.

Season should start at earliest 3rd week of June, but prefer it to be last week of June, first week of July. Season should end at the end of November.

At minimum, Sunday games until NFL starts. However, I still believe the CFL should be on Sundays all season and it is at least a small part of the reason for lower attendance and ratings numbers.

Saturday games, latest should be 7pm Est. 4pm and 7pm. Earlier would be fine too. Would be nice to partner with Usports to have a game prior to the CFL games.

I am on the other side for back to backs. outside of Labour day and the following week, I like the back to backs vs other division foes. It adds more emotion to the games while playing a team in the other division. I don't mean every time east vs west games have to be back to back.

I like the schedule of playing every team home and away. Due to the crossover option, I believe this schedule works best. Pre-season games are generally within division. When the focus is on intra division games in an 18 game season, I think it actually hurts attendance when a team is seeing each other 3,4,5 (including preseason) times a year. I guess its great for fans of the visiting team.
However, I do like the idea of when there are 3 regular season games between teams, a game is played in a non-cfl city. Although it would be costly to do that.

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Keep the Thursday games
Add some Sunday games
Fewer double headers
NEVER have triple headers

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I like this idea, too. Except we might have to include one or two interdivisional games during weeks 2-4 or we'd only be seeing West teams with bye weeks for the first whole month.

I get the added emotion aspect, but I don't like how, this season for example, Ottawa can play Winnipeg back to back in the first two weeks and then won't play them again all season. A specific injury could affect both games in back-to-backs, or a young team could develop over the first few months and bring more excitement to a rematch later in the season.


Make it a special promotional bowl game. Instead of "Touchdown Atlantic" rename it the "IBM Bowl". There's 10k IBM employees in Halifax so I'm naming them as an example.


I agree about moving the start date. I equate football with fall/winter but now more than half of the season is over before September (which is still technically summer). I like that it starts in the summer but a late June/early July start would be best.


For a variety of reasons I won’t repeat I am of the view that the season should start and end much earlier, the most important one being maintaining the integrity of the game and the comfort of the in person fans by not holding the most important games in the worst conditions. This is especially true on the prairies, which have both the most in person fans and TV viewers. Hopefully next year the CFL will make good on their option to start the season one month earlier. May has much better weather conditions on balance than November.

I am also in favour of having games on Sundays prior to the NFL starting. It was just stupid to schedule the Argo/Bomber game on a Monday night after a long weekend. It would also be stupid to schedule Sunday games head to head against the NFL, which would siphon away viewers and be very unlikely to bring in new fans.


Dude, the NFL and College Football is killing CFL in ratings and for viewers. An earlier start in May 24 long weekend benefits the CFL for viewers.


Play a game on Canada Day and the US 4th of July weekend. Both countries share their birthdays on that weekend.

Also play a game the day after the MLB All-Star Game when there isn't any sporting events going on. Guaranteed to gain new and US viewers without any sporting competition. Just move the Thursday night game to Wednesday


But the CFL generally gets its best ratings after NFL and NCAA have started, not before.


The ratings for the NFL still trump CFL ratings when the NFL is on over the air network like CTV when the ratings are limited to cable on TSN. Why does the CFL don't have games on Thursday when the NFL season starts up?

An early start benefits the CFL. The league has to hype itself like the NFL does. It should start after the CFL Free Agent Frenzy right up to opening kickoff. This is when the CFL should pressure TSN to give it a half hour show to hype it's game during the off-season

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Yes, the NFL outdraws the CFL. But CFL games in NFL season outdraw CFL games before NFL season.

I agree the league should hype itself more to improve ratings. If they did that, then maybe an early start would help. But if they did that, they'd also likely get higher ratings in the fall, too.

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I agree with you on your second point. But the only reason the CFL outdraws the NFL before the NFL season is because the NFL doesn't play in the Summer like the CFL has games in.

Heh, I didn't mean that summer CFL games outdraw (nonexistent) NFL games. I meant that fall CFL games (despite competition from NFL and NCAA) outdraw summer CFL games (when there is no such competition).

I'm open to an earlier start, but I'm not sure it'd provide a ratings boost. I think ratings would probably take a hit.

I'm not sold it would have much of an overall affect on attendance either. The late season games would likely draw better in October than they do now in November. But the early season games in May would quite likely draw worse than the early season games do now in June.

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Exception to the rule might be in Vancouver because the weather usually starts to get nice in June. Not sure how it would work out in Toronto and Montreal. If they made an earlier start it would be because of TSN and possibly Genius Sports/betting sponsors. Hopefully the money they provide would make up for a few less tickets sold (if that would be the case). Otherwise they don't make the move in my opinion.