2023 QB' off the list

This JUST in from my overactive imagination:

A blockbuster trade between Hamilton, Toronto and Saskatchewan sends venerable Bo Levi Mitchell to Toronto, young upstart Chad Kelly to Saskatchewan and the scary Law Firm of Fajardo-MacBeth to Hamilton.

You heard it here first.

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Bo Levi Mitchell is going to sign in Hamilton. Seriously; where else would he sign?

Toronto wants Chad Kelly as their starter. Maybe not for game #1, but certainly he will get his chance during the upcoming season. Argos have always had high regards for him. He will be 29 years old when the season starts. Elks had to trade Kelly because he would not sign with any CFL team other than Toronto. Kelly is still being paid on an entry-level contract. Argos are not trading Kelly.

Right now, Cody Fajardo is probably favorite to end up in BC as a backup to Vernon Adams. If not BC, Montreal would be the next option for him.

Riders would have to trade for Dane Evans because Hamilton is not going to give away a potential starting QB for nothing. Ti-Cats will only release Evans the day before training camp as he was not experienced enough to negotiate a contract last year where his off-season bonus is earlier than the 1st day of free agency.

Although there has been zero talk about McLeod Bethel-Thompson, he could be someone the Riders go after if he still intends to play in 2023.

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It seems to me that the Riders besy bet is Fajardo, and some O linemen

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Lordy... don't I look foolish.

My BLM trade prediction fell flatter than my old grade school teacher's chest. So now what do the Riders do? Trade for Dane Evans? Or hope for MacBeth to fall like a ripe apple that's not too fermented?

There's a lot of uncertainty amongst the Jolly Green Giants right now. Maybe they should just FIX their league-worst offensive line and hope that some wandering gunslinger likes what he sees.

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I have little faith in both Dane Evans and McLeod Bethel-Thompson. I still say that Michael O'Connor should be given the opportunity..

i think they should try to pry Tre Ford out of edmonton. i think he can be had in a trade now that Corny has the contract, and Jones likes to make a deal.

Farhan knows

All the Ticats need is a 2nd and 6th draft pick to make it a Bo for Dane trade.

May I introduce you to the Grey Cup Champion Toronto "EASTERN Division" Argos

Trading for Tre Ford will be good and get O'Connor as his back up. This I will like.

I agree. The man got us to the WFs in 2 of his 3 seasons, he's played through 2 significant injuries, took a ton of unnecessary sacks last year, and he still wants to play for us despite being thrown under the bus.
Give the man the protection he needs/deserves, and if he flops, THEN get rid of him.

Wouldn't count on it. He has thrived when Maas is his coach and Montreal is the third place they would be together.

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Maas' offense is designed for a qb like Harris... pocket only, no scrambling, no throws over 20 yds. Quick read-and-release, high-percentage offense. It hit all of Fajardo's weak spots last year, but Harris should slot into the playbook with no adjustments--which is good, because Maas can't or won't adapt to his players' talents, so a good fit is necessary.


What about mason fines ?

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Actually, I thought Dolegala looked better than Fine during the limited action he saw.
Not sure either is ready to be QB1, or if they ever will be, but IMO Dolegala looks to have more upside.


Well he’s had 2 years under his belt, I would say it’s time , now or never. Dog, can use another year watching, or bring back Kevin Glenn.!

Cody hands down over Dane if you just compare the records honestly

Kelly is still a unknown,if you listened to Argo coach entire interview on 3 down nation,coach went out of way to not even attempt to flatter Kelly. In stead he heaped praise on MBT. The kindest words for Kelly is we did not see much of him,he had some flashes

The latest concern is how much Jim Kelly blood does he have in him. Dont think its even fair to compare Chad to Uncle Jim,just because he is Jims nephew does not mean Chad will also be a 4 time loser.

Jake is good if you can keep him sober. If Dane goes to Riders,imagine the 2 of them out doing the town,who drives?

I thought he looked better as well… Apparently so too did the Chicago Bears.
The Riders’ QB options seem to be dwindling fast. Wonder what Dickie likes on his crow? :thinking:

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I think the riders should go with jake and mason. Get a great q.b. Coach. And develope their own guys, stop rehashing other teams players who aren’t;t there yet, we have our own guys who aren’t there yet, spend some time and get them there. With a better o-line and reasonable salaries, this $500,000 is way out of line for this league, unless the exempt the q.b.’s salary from the players cap. And then that wouldn’t be fair. But you could spruce things up in the job somehow, they all do it. Ron Lancaster was even a teacher at campion college during his playing days,.

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