2023 QB' off the list

Bethel Thompson is not retiring

Frankly, every other team has announced extensions and QB signings.,
Basically nothing from the Riders on extending needed players like Sankey and signing a QB among many others if they think they are going to be competitive this season.
Just like last years free agency where they did basically nothing and look what happened.... didn't even make the playoffs in a year we were hosting the grey cup.....
Absolute BS!!!

Hamilton guy here.
Dane Evans is already under contract with Hamilton for 2023 at 455K.
He is owed no money until game #1. All his bonuses ( 175k) were a year ago when he signed a two year deal.
The Cats will either trade him or release him once they secure BLM.

BC anyone

How is the East div supposed to gain parity with the west if the easts best effort is signing west castoffs to the most important position on the team. Of course a signing of BLM or Fajardo might help an eastern team beat up the other teams in the eastern division for that easy ride to a home playoff game and a trip to the Grey Cup everyone talks about.

Not sure on the main cause of BLM decline but Cody played decent behind a good oline. Mike Rielly looked terrible in BC behind that Oline and we know he was far better QB then the stats his last season

Same could be true for Cody. BLM didnt have oline issues though

One possible free agent Quarterback that the Riders should sign is Michael O'Connor. I believe that he will be a good fit for the team.

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I saw that the other day. Dont normally give much thought to that media group.

Hadn't thought about Kelly wanting to come to Regina but its clear.he wants a full shot at being #1 and depending on how things fall out at QB in Toronto he made need to look elsewhere for that shot next season

In the east his only other options would be Montreal.possibly and in the west Saskatchewan and maybe Edmonton

Once BLM and.Cody sign id suspect it would leave at nost 2 landing spots with open chances at landing the starter job

If eithet BLM or Cody sign in Regina it would really come down to just edmonton ( not that.they dont have their starter but in so far as its not set in stone )

Why do you not know who Michael O'Connor is? He backed up Nathan Rouke last season and Jake Maier in Calgary the year before. He was a back up for Mcleod Bethel-Thompson in 2019. He has plenty of talent and just needs to go somewhere where he can prove and show what he is capable of. I think going to the Roughriders will be the best option for him.

I know who he is.

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It would be nice to see another Canadian QB get a chance to 'show his stuff' he is considered a good one. let's give him a chance

i’ve watched a lot of O’Connor over the years from USports to Lions and it is my opinion he is already at his ceiling, which is in serviceable backup role. he lacks some arm strength and his release takes too long. mostly pocket passer and can move ok when required, but not super mobile. can run an offence when needed. has a hard time staying healthy.

i expect the Riders to pursue either Dane Evans or Chad Kelly.

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maybe Harris?

I do not have much faith in Dane Evans but Chad Kelly would be a good fit, but I personally would like to see O'Connor get the opportunity. He is Canadian and I would like to see more homegrown QB's to be starters.

I do not think the Roughriders can afford Trevor Harris but I expect that he will re-sign with Montreal.

i agree and i wish they had managed to keep Nyhus. i just don’t believe O’Conner is good enough.

I am disappointed that Nyhus turned down the Riders offer but who knows he might have a change of heart or sign with another CFL club. I believe that O'Connor is good enough. He showed some brilliance with the Argos a few years ago. He never got a fair shake with the Lions last year. In 2021 when Bo-Levi got hurt it was a toss up between O'Connor and Maier to take over. I heard that Dickenson filpped a coin.