2023 QB' off the list

So far, 9 names gone from the list of potential QB's ...... not that any would have come to the Riders but as the list shrinks, so too do options

Rourke - gone to NFL
Masoli - extended with Ottawa
Nyhus - declined rider contract offer
BLM - signed 3yr in hamilton
MBT - reports will play 2023 and if its CFL only as an Argo
Arbuckle extended one more year in Ottawa
Shiltz re ups with Cats
Adams reported close to an extension with the lions

Dominique Davis is to sign in BC to back up Vern



It's now easier to track who is left


Harris and Cody

Possible trades

Kelly , Pipken, Evans


You forgot one

The fact that Nyhus, a hometown boy who grew up watching the Riders, not only turned down a contract and chance to be a local hero, and apparently might prefer to give up football entirely rather than play here... one has to wonder if different management/coaching might have changed that outcome.

One also has to wonder, if HE, of all people, doesn’t want to play for these guys, who will?


Maybe another CFL team will make an offer .

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I hope so. Both for Nyhus to get a chance and for the Riders powers-that-be to get a wakeup call.


Or maybe because he knows he has no chance of making it in this league and is doing the wise thing and moving on with his Education degree.

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Also a possibility. As I said... speculation on my part. But the optics are atrocious.


Other than Cody is there any free agent QB's left ? Is BTM a free agent this year ?

Otherwise the list narrows and othet than Cody it looks like the trade route may be the only option left

One has to wonder.....

I think Kelly and Harris are the only QB's left. Hamilton likely will release someone and if there has been interest in Cody it's been kept quiet.

I can't understand though this thing with focusing on one guy while leaving a bunch of free agents unsigned. Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and the Riders still have a ton of work to do and only a couple weeks to do it.

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It seems the 2 options left if they dont seek to re sign Cody are evans or Kelly via the trade route.

Kelly will cost more with a cap friendly contract and future potential. Evans had a great season prior, but last year he and Cody both fell from their peak seasons.

Evans also struggled with the pressure and regina will.be more intense for sure. That and he has a cap unfriendly contract given his last.season so.any team.trading for.him will.need bye in to re negotiate Kelly will cost a bunch in a trade ..... Evans not so much

Or...not rumors, if the recent tweets I've seen are anything to be believed.



Cody Fajardo, you are a Montreal Alouette.

the part about Dane Evans i believe. not sure about Fajardo to the Als tho. maybe.

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That's speculation on my part, and is mostly "where else could he go". Everyone else has a starter pretty much locked in for the year, assuming Hamilton signs Bo Levi.

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not sure BLM signs in hamilton. i can see a possible scenario where MLB retires and maybe BLM or Fajardo goes to Argos.

either way i don’t see Fajardo back with riders


Way to sleep on future MOP Chad Kelly /sarcasm

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hah. i seriously don’t think either Fajardo or BLM are starter material in this league any more. but who knows, maybe some CFL coaches and managers do.

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Riders would likely have to trade for Dane Evans if they want him.

Issue here is Evans' contract for 2023. If his $170,000 off-season bonus were in January or early February, the Ti-Cats would have to make a decision on his status for the up-coming season. Instead, the $170,000 bonus comes in the form of Report to Training & Pass a Physical which means Hamilton could just hold onto his rights until May 14 and then release him. If the Riders want Evans as their #1, they would need to get him under contract earlier than that.


[quote="GridironGirl, post:2, topic:83501"]

the part about Dane Evans i believe. not sure about Fajardo to the Als tho. maybe.

[/quote] Well, Cody s going somewhere I think it all shakes out shortly after Bo signs with a team. I think BC is happy with who they already have in the #1 spot and will look for back ups to compete.
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If Mitchell indeed signs with Hamilton, then I'd expect Saskatchewan to pick up Evans.
Fajardo, I could see signing in Toronto, if Bethel-Thompson retires. Makes the most sense to both parties. Cody's best chance to compete to start, and Argos get a veteran to push Chad Kelly.


Free agency is a bit off from now .... is Dane still under contract ?. In either event, it's odd that anyone wooild be able to predict any player currently under contract is moving teams .....just yet

It might be Dane is the only veteran option left for them to pursue ... not sure in his status for next season