2023 Paper Bag Bowl Thread

Hopefully a short visit this time. But I fear not the case

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Stamps and REDBLACKS! You sad sacks are stuck here with the Elks all season now!

And Riders? One more loss, and you are stuck for good too, so you might as well enjoy your time now anyway you sad sacks!

But the Ti-Cats, who are with us now as well, face off against the Riders on Saturday, and the stakes are higher now.

And the Ti-Cats will be in the playoffs no matter what.

If the Ti-Cats win, they leave us and you Riders are stuck here for good!

But if the Riders win, well then they both stay stuck here for a while longer but then I think those Riders are closer to the playoffs too!

Enjoy your stay, you sad sacks!


I was going to put a stampeder fan with a paper bag head pic in here but apparently the last time we didn’t make the playoffs predates the internet…


Pre season I locked the Stamps to second or possibly third.
The riders, I was thinking were to be fighting for a crossover up to the last game and hoping for help to atain it

Its been a long road for the Ticats but they’ve finally reached .500 on the season!



Considering how bad this team looked before Labour Day, the turnaround is nothing short of spectacular!!! I still think a home playoff game is a pipe dream but we’re much better than we were 6 weeks ago…


A little help from the Red Blacks would be good

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I wouldn’t bet on that but it would be nice…

Guess we can conclude that Craig Dickenson won’t be renewed next year?


Congratulations to the Ti-Cats as the dearly departed. We will keep your sad sacks chilled and fresh for you just in case you return!

You Roughriders, congratulations, you are stuck here for the rest of the season with the rest of us you sad sacks!


Special Edition Auxiliary Sad Sacks

It’s October, and it’s come to my attention that despite an announcement six months ago that the CFL will have CFL+ and CBS, a few members of the forum have not yet fixed their TVs or devices to watch any streams for any live sports at all.

Of course, this situation for YOU with modern TVs or devices, or with old electronics and appliances, IS NOT A CFL ISSUE!

If this sounds like your situation, read on because you just might qualify!

If you have one or more of the following situations, you are a sad sack and you get an Auxiliary Sad Sack too!

  1. You made the AWFUL decision at some point to build your TV into a wall so that now you can’t do anything without construction work, whether or not you like construction work especially on Saturday mornings.

  2. You still rely on a VCR to record anything on your TV.

  3. You don’t own an HDTV yet, with the lone exception if you have an old TV and don’t pay for cable through the special “Engineered Cable TV” discount! :smile_cat:
    If so, I understand, I understand!

  4. You think that YOUR ABJECT FAILURE to set up your TV or device to watch CFL games is the fault of the CFL or anybody else but YOU!

  5. You have created a thread here or anywhere on the internet to complain about the CFL instead of fixing your damn TV or device so you can watch for FREE.

Welcome new Auxiliary Sad Sack members!

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They DOMINATED the Riders.
Sole position of this paper bag rests with the green now

I dunno, Paolo might have something to say about that, given the record of the Elks this year. :wink: Ottawa fans are stocked up on paper bags too.


Welcome back Hamilton after that heartbreaker you sad sacks!

Keep this up, irrespective of playoffs, and you all are stuck here with the rest of us for the entire season!

We could have FIVE CFL teams and their fans wearing sad sacks here in 2023!


Green guys are top of that heep


Whether “heep” or “heap,” care perhaps to rephrase?