2023 NHL Playoffs

And Vegas must play at least one more. The gift to the Panthers last night continues to give as they are guaranteed extra rest over Vegas.


Tied 1-1 after one. Vegas started well but Dallas dominated the last 5 minutes and Vegas is lucky the game is tied. Still a long way to go but as Hrudey said, it doesn’t look like Dallas is playing like they could be eliminated tonight. Pretty good game so far.

sometimes mo can get bored and fall asleep

Great game going on so far.

2-2 after two and the game is still great.

For this season nothing is guaranteed
If Vegas does collapse…
(and hey 3 games so far went to OT with the latest tied in 3rd so)

For sure. If Dallas wins tonight they have a great chance. The fact Vegas led 3-0 wasn’t reflective of how close this series has been.

Both teams playing great tonight in an all out end to end game. Perhaps the best 50 minutes of the playoffs so far.

And after making numerous big saves Hill lets in a softie. Dallas has it’s first lead of the night with about 9 minutes left.

Two goals from Dellandrea, an unlikely source, makes it 4-2 Dallas with about 7 minutes left.

The plot thickens as Dallas wins 4-2. Perhaps those of us who picked Dallas in the pool aren’t dead yet.

No doubt the Panthers are loving this.


Ok who else is psyched to see what happens now that Benn is back?

Whether you liked it or not he lit a fire and now 2 games later…
Will he get under Vegas’ skin again?

stars will prob get blown out now


I don’t like what Benn did and have always found him to be a dirty player so no rejoicing at his return for me.

I also think that Vegas is disciplined enough not to be stupid and risk losing the game by going after him.

I do think that Benn is a very experienced player with a scoring touch and is good in front of the net and that his return will help the Stars.


Yeah, that’s gone the other way sometimes and there’s a little rust from sitting around.

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Some surprising stats on how Dallas’ third defence pairing is dominating Vegas.

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3-0 Vegas in the first period.


Yeah just turned it on and saw the third goal and Vegas outshooting them by a lot. Looks like this one could be over already.


Vegas came out gangbusters. They don’t want to let Dallas push it to a Game 7.

Now 4-0 at End of 2nd.

Florida vs. Vegas Final is all but set.


Here is the schedule for the 2023 Stanley Cup Final. The Florida Panthers will face the Vegas Golden Knights or Dallas Stars.

The best-of-7 series will begin SAT. June 3 in Las Vegas or Dallas. All games will start at 8 p.m. ET (subject to change).


this looks like it is aging well


Saturday? That’s another 5 days off for Florida. They will have more rust on them than the Tin Man on the Yellow Brick Road.


Ya, but will Dorothy be there to lube him? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: