2023 NHL offseason

That was why I suggest using a mental health professional. All the team would get is a yes this person is acceptable or no they are not. They are bound by professional code not to disclose private information on clients.

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I doubt @Jon will agree with #4

Ranking the NHL’s top 5 goalie tandems for 2023-24


Oh I agree with #4 alright. Connor Hellebuyck is a pretty good goalie. Unfortunately the Jets are stuck with his evil twin, Connor Hellesuck, who ain’t very good.

At least the Jets have improved their goaltending by bringing back Broissot who is their best “backup” ever and in fact is better than Connor by any measure. Woe to the team that will pay a fortune to be saddled with Connor’s incompetence for many years.

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I liked Brossoit when he played for the Oil Kings but he hasn’t found the same success at the NHL level so far.

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He did start the playoffs for Vegas last year but then got hurt. I think a lot of times when you are labelled a backup it’s a hard label to

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His getting hurt was a turning point in the Playoffs for the Knights too, which makes it even tougher for him.

I didn’t follow him and barely knew about him earlier in his career when he was in Edmonton. Don’t know what you think of his play there. He was outstanding in Winnipeg as a backup and almost perfect one season and I don’t think I’m in the minority of Winnipeg fans in saying that.

I would be very comfortable giving him a shot at #1. I realize that not all great backups can translate that into being a great or even good #1 in any sport but I think he has earned a shot at it.

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No doubt he earned a shot. He was great when he played here in the minors.

Sometimes its a coaching thing (like Devin Dubnyk) and sometimes its just the speed of the game guys have trouble with when they move up to the NHL.

Getting your head straight once you get to the NHL is a difficult thing for guys too. Many a really good minor league goal tender that seems to have all the skills has washed out because they can’t get their head in the right place once they get to the NHL level.


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