2023 NHL offseason

Yes, most Narcissists are sincere as hell while looking for every mental advantage they can gain over people.

Those tigers never change their stripes because they truly believe it was never them that was the problem.

Frantzen has since been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of bullying and being picked on by his coach at the time.


I don’t know that guy, but we’ve all known THAT guy or THAT lady at work, relative, in-law, et cetera.

They are not genuinely interested in others when engaging in such conduct, and much of this is gaslighting 101 and worse too.

The tell is often when your response is something like, “Well not now.”

Then they can be taken aback or not, but if they repeat the request at some future time it is not clumsy or awkward. It’s who they are and they almost always do persist and not for forthright or good reasons, including especially in a professional environment asking personal questions.


According to multiple sources, one of the most serious concerns was a meeting that occurred away from team facilities that included “several minutes” of looking through a phone. That was beyond the scope of what was initially understood to have occurred.


Well now we have for the first time some evidence of him doing something inappropriate, namely looking through someone’s phone. That wasn’t the case previously and as the article says he had already been previously been cleared by all involved including the NHLPA.

So indeed where there was some smoke there was at least a bit of fire or at least a small spark. In the past this would have been minor but in today’s culture you will lose your job.

I recommend that this example be used to remind spouses that they don’t have the right to look at your phone.


I have nothing to hide from my spouse. Then again, I dont have a smart phone :slight_smile:


Those tigers never change their stripes because they truly believe it was never them that was the problem…


Ranking the NHL’s divisions ahead of 2023-24

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It’s just absurd that the Blue Jackasses thought it was a good idea to hire Babcock in the first place.


Only 2 people that would be responsible for that move would be

GM - Jarmo Kekäläinen
President - John Davidson

My vote is Davidson


yea another old boys club guy

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Babcock has a comple lack of tact when dealing with people.

You can’t coach anymore with fear, intimidation and as a complete control freak.


You mean a hardcore Narcissist?

But yeah - the hardass, yell at players, pick on people, age is past. There are a lot of other ways to get your point across without that stuff.
That and most of the kids now - have been through juniors and they learn so much about the game they just want to learn what they need to do in your system.

Funny part is - there needs to be a relatability factor for the coach too. I know McTavish in has last year said that was why he was hanging it up. He felt like he didn’t relate to the guys well enough any more.

That and there are a lot of good young coaches around. Enough teams should stop recycling the same old guys over and over.




I’m trying to understand why the players would defend his actions in this scenario.

A brief article on the biggest question facing Canadian teams this year:

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I am not a hockey fan, but today in the news I saw the Mike Babcock case I feel curious if he as always showed a behavior like that

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I am a casual hockey fan and mostly starting in January due to sports saturation in autumn, and like you I have taken an interest as well.

As noted above, my interest is because I figure most of us have at some point run into “that guy” at work or otherwise, and in my experience it’s never been a situation that worked out for the better when you have somebody who is generally so toxic to others.


yes you are right, but despite of that behavior I saw he has had a losger career

Talking about hockey, I like more AHL than NHL, maybe this year I will go to a Laval Rockets game

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I would think that a hockey team, that spends $80 million a year on their players could pay roughly $500 for a psychological exam of a prospective coach.

Matter of fact you would think it would be mandatory for all of their coaching and training staff…

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Back in the last decade of the last millennium when I was in my early 20s, like a few other times, I once took a personality test for an insurance employer for a sales position. I was not a match. The results of the test were dead on though.

Now these tests, and there are several newer legal matters that arise before they are administered and as to how they are handled, are not terribly expensive and done online with an evaluation within one day for the better ones examined by a professional.

I don’t think those tests were $500 even back then, and I bet they are far less than that now as used by larger employers and the public sector.

Even one of those tests would indicate reliably many basic character traits in a person. Myers-Briggs is just one that comes to mind.

Maybe somebody here with experience in human resources or who works with these tests knows more on the matter.

As many of you have probably experienced as well, complete background searches, such as for public positions of trust and for licensing or bonding purposes, of course can cost far more and do take much longer.

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