2023 NHL offseason

i couldn’t find a thread for the upcoming season and i don’t want to post offseason moves for non-playoff teams in the playoff topic any more.

anyways, now that Treliving has walked, it’s looking more and more like the flameouts are cleaning house. and apparently some players made it clear in exit meetings that the environment is “untenable”.

I’m putting this one here since it’s the Flames off season


Sounds like a new arena deal will be announced with the names expected to be in attendance. Is this take 3 or 4 of this thing?

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at least take 3 lol. i will believe it when i see an actual new arena.


With the announcement taking place on the site where the old deal was…and died shows it will still be there. Development permit was approved a month or so before the last one died.

So they can break ground ASAP…they better hurry at this rate lol


I think you are correct. Treliving did the exit interviews and saw the players he considered the underpinnings of what he was building were ready to leave because of Sutter.

So he left a C of Red - faces that is and quit when he was still under contract to the end of June - leaving the club in a tight spot to try to replace him and get ready for free agency and the draft.

I know we went through that here in Edmonton. It was brutal. Great players running away and no one willing to come here except for premium money. It took McDavid, Draisaitl, Nurse, and more guys to turn that around - from rock bottom, so bad you knew they were going to loose that night in the first 5 minutes seasons.

Not fun…and we are not hearing more of the story because of the playoffs. I wonder if more upper management is chucking in the towel during the NHL news blackout,


4 way funding breakdown on 1.2 billion dollar plan

Calgary will contribute $537 million to fund development of the event centre, parking structure, an enclosed plaza and 25 per cent of the community rink.
CSEC will contribute $40 million upfront and $17 million per year, increasing one per cent each year, over 35 years. That money will go toward event centre costs, as well as parking, the enclosed plaza and 25 per cent of the community rink. It will also contribute $1.5 million per year to community sports.
The province will contribute $300 million to fund transportation improvements, land, infrastructure and site costs. It will also contribute $30 million to fund 50 per cent of the community rink.

4th partner is the Stampede board via a land swap

Timing is curious as a provincial election will start in 6 days. Buying some votes in Calgary.

No timeline to break ground… why am I not convinced this time?


so almost 3/4 from taxpayers

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i still feel like this deal could fall apart like the many potential deals before this

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Most certainly not until AFTER the election at very least.

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Especially if the NDP wins. The provincial legislature won’t be approving this until August

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Ah ya bunch of Debbie-downers…I’ll send you a pic in a couple years from a seat in our billion dollar party barn…


I think I’ll start watching this thread once there’s actually an interesting team to talk about.

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haha ok i lol’d

Train wrecks are still interesting…I know ‘cause I watched many of them north of me…

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OR if Calgarians don’t “pay” the blackmail and elect UCP candidates.

I think UCP Candidates will support the deal. Calgary City council approved yesterday’s plan 15-0.

There will still need to be a final vote but I can’t see anyone on council saying no to provincial dollars being spent on their city

Missed the point … if Calgarians don’t vote in UCP candidates the deal most likely disappears … and even if they do it still could

That’s because the UCP aren’t fiscal conservatives.

It might. Depends on how the NDP actually view this. Any NDP candidate from Calgary may not be in favour of just simply scrapping it especially this being a 4 party agreement.

An NDP government could also renegotiate it to make it ‘their’ plan instead of Smith and co.