2023 NFL Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

Even though the first game is still about five and a half hours away, similar to last week I thought I would start a separate thread for this weeks games so that we don’t have to muck up other threads.

This afternoon we will see if Seattle can surprise and give San Fran a run. I doubt it. Tonight we have the closest game of the weekend according to the oddsmakers, as the Chargers visit the Jags. Who knows what will happen in the parity laden NFL?

Below is a link to a preview which summarizes the regular season meetings between the teams. This year all teams have met each other in the regular season at least once, a rarity I believe.



good idea. also can never have enough NFL playoff threads haha

i am so stoked for playoffs. i still haven’t finalized my pool picks. the jags chargers game is a toss up to me.

anyone remember about 6-7 months ago when the Seahawks we’re supposed to make the playoffs and the Broncos were a favourite to make noise this past season?


*points and giggles at the tin foil hat man watching the games with a sad face


Did you make your beer run yet? I have a variety, from amber to stout.
I think I’ll order Chinese tonight after the first game.


no but i will be very soon. still early here, only 9am out on the west coast. liquor store is only a 10 min walk away too.

I think this week and especially next week are the two best football weekends of the year. I would have preferred not to have a Monday night game though. All teams battling to the death in virtually non stop football action.


oh yea these two weekends are awesome. i just set up my pvr in case i miss any action today. i don’t get the monday game either but i suspect it’s a tv networks thing.

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Same here. Monday is a holiday here in the US so I can stay up late for the Sunday game. Can’t do that on Monday night.


Saw this at Target today.


I bet another reason they don’t sell is that they are lined with tinfoil. That has to be uncomfortable.


games on!

dammit com’on seahawks, get the stop

San Fran was and still is my pick before the play-offs to come out of the NFC when it's all said and done . They are by far the most complete team in that conference on both sides of the ball bar none .

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Wow I didn't realize the Seattle defense was that slow!

Let's see how long the '49ers can continue to make this successful short-ball plan work on offense.

For those who can remember all those great '49ers teams of the prior century, Bill Walsh is probably watching this game with deep appreciation now.


Some things with the "NFL Formula" don't change here in the US with the commercials.

Monotonous or stupid ads for trucks and cell phones, it seems like the same ads run for a decade now, then of course a timely pizza ad, and then various pitches for lame network TV shows nobody watches any more.

It's worse in the first half of games.

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I’d like to see a San Fran vs. Buffalo final.

Well I’m thinking it’s going to be either them or the Chiefs coming out of the AFC .

yesss Walker with the TD.

i would like a superb owl with Bills or Bengals vs any of Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings or Seahawks

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Basically going for Geno right now. As for tonight’s game - no idea. I told my wife to pick one and not sure who she picked.